Her Majesty


Photo Credit: (Sean Gallup/Getty images)

This is a picture of the Queen at an official state event wearing one of her many tiaras

Zelda Fishman

We all have a certain infatuation with the Queen of England. What is her life like? How does she govern 54 countries? She is such an important figure for almost a third of the world’s population and has been for 69 years. So, naturally, it begs the question, what will happen when she’s no longer the monarch?

There is an elaborate plan set in place called, “Operation London Bridge”. This sequence starts with D-Day, the day the Queen dies. Her Private Secretary, Edward Young will be the first official to be aware of the news and will inform the Prime Minister, first, with the code words of “London Bridge is Down”. 

The Prime Minister will then contact various heads of state around the world and after all this the National Press Association will be informed. All new channels will be stopped and the reporters will dress in black to relay the news to the country. Shops and stores are expected to close down out of respect, all television will play documentaries previously recorded for the day and no comedy shows are to be played for 12 days. 

The exact moment when the Queen passes will be the moment Charles becomes King. He is the longest person ever to be first in line to the throne waiting 56 years. He will be the oldest ever monarch to take the throne. After Charles is his son William and after George. 

Charles has become somewhat infamous for his marriage to Princess Diana. During the duration of his marriage he did not remain loyal to her, rekindling his previous relationship with Camilla Parker Bowels. He claims her as his “true love”. After Diana’s tragic death, he married her which was controversial because he and Camilla were both divorced. In the past, divorced persons weren’t recognized by the Church of England. To have a King that is a divorced person will be revolutionary for England and the world. 

The Queen of England has overseen one of the most radical changes in history, socially and technologically. She has given the people of the Commonwealth, the world, a strong peaceful force which is calming in a time of so much change and stress. When she passes, the world will be changed forever as Britain loses the wind beneath their wings.