FDA Approved and No More Excuses


Photo Credit: The Atlantic

Anti-vaxxers rallying against vaccine mandates in work places as more employers enforce them

Sienna Rock , Reporter

With Covid-19 and the Delta Variant still taking over our lives, getting vaccinated is still just as important now as it was a few months ago. As of September 16th, 54.7% of the US, about 180 million people, were fully vaccinated. As more research comes out about the vaccine, hospitals and other businesses have started to require employees to get vaccinated. However, this hasn’t been well-received by workers who have chosen not to get vaccinated, as many quit their jobs and protested. 

On August 23rd, The FDA released a statement saying that they approved the Pfizer vaccine. Janet Woodcock, the acting FDA commission, explained that this vaccine is safe and meets all FDA standards. With approval from the FDA, there aren’t many excuses as to why about 45% of the nation isn’t fully vaccinated yet. 

One of the anti-discrimination laws allows workplaces to require it, if employees are physically entering the workplace. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)  states that employers cannot require their employees to get vaccinated if they have medical or religious objections. As for those who don’t fall under these protections, there shouldn’t be a reason why they aren’t vaccinated, especially if their workplace is encouraging or requiring it. 

Anti-vaxxers are not going down without a fight. Many have quit their jobs simply because they don’t want to get vaccinated. Forbes reported a study that asked employees what their reaction would be to businesses and hospitals mandating vaccines. 44%    of workers responded that they would debate quitting if it was required. On the other hand, 38% said that they would debate leaving if it wasn’t.

 Although it would be more logical to side with stopping the spread of Covid-19 and enforcing a vaccine mandate, it’s hard to do so with such a heavy revolt from anti-vaxxers. Not only are people quitting their jobs,  but they are also rallying in front of hospitals and workplaces in protest. For example, on September 3rd, a group of protestors took to the streets of Vancouver, harassing healthcare workers and disturbing patients getting help. Not only are they not getting vaccinated, but they are distressing the ones that are.

Another instance was in Santa Monica during the last week of August. Los Angeles Times reported that anti-vaxxers had signs reading, “No jabs for jobs”, “Stop the medical tyranny”, and more. These protests are disturbing the peace of workers and civilians and contributing to the spread of Covid-19, as attendees were unvaccinated and weren’t wearing masks. Citizens should do their part and get vaccinated to help finally put an end to the pandemic. 

With the approval from the FDA and more imformation about the vaccine coming out, getting vaccinated is important.