A Deep Dive Into Fashion at Boise


Examples of very fashionable Boise High Students (From left to right: Jack Zuckerman, Sophia Chen, Layla Geary) Jack Zuckerman displaying his signature comb. Sophia Chen wearing a Gucci hat, and Layla Geary rocking on. (Sophia Chen)

Sophia Chen, Reporter

Ever wonder what Boise High students wear on a day to day basis? This article will take a look into some student opinions about fashion and some of the various trends throughout Boise High.

Two Boise High school students, Shabnam Abdul-Nasir (10) and Tomas Deanda (11), reported on their thoughts about fashion. When Abdul-Nasir was asked about what fashion means to her, she answered, “Fashion is something that helps express a person. Fashion differs for everyone, but I think that fashion is about what you wear, and how that expresses a person.” After being asked about what she was wearing, Abdul-Nasir explained that she was wearing a sweater with nine Michelangelo paintings sectioned into squares and green cargo pants. Abdul-Nasir added that every outfit needs accessories, in her case these accessories were jade earrings and silver necklaces.

As for Tomas, he broke down a bold outfit, which consisted of a neon pink skirt with a bisexual pride flag adorned on his back. Although fashion doesn’t define someone, it is a useful form of self-expression many Boise High students utilize.

The most common style worn at Boise High is the “basic” style. This outfit consists of a casual sweatshirt or t-shirt, pants or shorts, and Vans, Converse, or tennis shoes. The only obvious difference between girls and boys is that guys tend to wear khakis and girls tend to wear leggings. Below are other Common Styles/Aesthetics:

Soft Boi: Soft Boi’s usually have medium length hair in the curtain style, similar to a Jack from Titanic haircut, but it’s not a requirement. They frequently wear accessories like minimalist rings and circular glasses. Comfortable and vintage articles like windbreakers, oversized long sleeve shirts, oversized sweaters, denim jackets, bowling jackets, and striped shirts are commonly worn garments. Shoes are usually Converse or Vans, and pants are usually basic Levi’s jeans, cropped slacks, or chinos.

Soft Girl: Plaid skirts are a must. Sweaters are cozy, fuzzy, and charming. Colorful and funky jeans are often adorned with patterns like butterflies on them. Soft gorl’s often are found accessorizing with light blush and faux-freckles, and don’t forget the colorful hair clips.

E-Boy: Known to be alternative, edgy, and trendy, the eboy spirit involves a mostly monochromatic outfit. E-Boy’s wear rings, necklaces, and chains. They often have darkened hair which adds to the charm. E-Boy’s love oversized shirts and layering clothes. It’s not a rare sight to see them wearing cuffed black jeans or slacks.

E-Girl: This aesthetic is so edgy, it could cut you. Plaid pleated skirts with leggings, high socks, and fishnet tights are commonly worn for pants. The outfit requires chunky platform boots. Many egirl’s have dark or colorful hair topped off with a beanie. They wear dark and alluring necklaces, chokers, chains, rings, and earrings. Every egirl has oversized sweaters or black and white striped shirts in their wardrobe.

Sporty: The sporty style consists of athletic clothing like leggings, athletic shorts, hoodies, sweatpants, joggers, tennis skirts, and sneakers. Many sporty clothing articles include sportsbrands such as Nike, Adidas, and LuluLemon. Other pieces worn include sports jerseys, caps, shirts, and jackets.

Artsy/Musical Aesthetic: The artsy aesthetic comprises graphic tees, horizontally striped shirts, and mom jeans. Artsy students tend to wear Doc Martens, Mary Janes, Vans, or Converse shoes. Headphones are a frequent accessory for more musical students. This is definitely one of the more colorful aesthetics.

Overall, the fashion at Boise High is diverse and extensive. Students love expressing themselves with their style.