Coming Home: A Tale of Dogs and their Owners

Dog  Dog Island in Ann Morrison Park is heaven on Earth for dogs. Hundreds, maybe thousands of dogs come here each week. The park is surrounded by water on 3 sides, and you cross a lovely little emerald green bridge to get to the dog area.

Dogs get to play with each other in a safe space, there are doggy bags at the door, a plethora of tennis balls, and a little gravel ramp for dogs to get in the water and swim. This place is a refuge for many dog owners and dogs alike. 

Many of the dogs have different and unique backgrounds, there are a variety of breeds and each personality shines through their furry coats and long tongues. Some will come up to you with wagging tails, and some canines  stay by their owners defensively, growling if any other dog gets too close. 

Each puppy has a distinct “gotcha” story, the story of how they came to be in their owner’s life. Some were from breeders, some were rescue puppies, and others were even given away for free from strangers at the park.

The first puppy’s story is from a cute dog named Atticus. A beautiful blonde long-haired German Shepherd. His owners are Hailey and Hunter, and they got Atticus from a breeder in Caldwell. This 5 month old puppy came into their life when he was just 8 weeks old. Hailey had always wanted a German Shepherd and she finally got her wish.

Atticus absolutely loves playing with other dogs! He spent the whole time running and chasing an adorable dog named Clark. Clark is a Black Mouth Cur, and his owner was a very nice man by the name of Bill. 

Clark is a very cute dog, he has dark/golden fur and looks similar to a Boxer with a thinner snout. He came into Bill’s life at a pet shop in Colorado, the local shelter brought some rescues to the pet shop including 2 year old Clark. Bill chose Clark because, “he wasn’t barking like all the other ones were.”

Clark is 6 years old and absolutely loves to go hiking in the Boise foothills, he was a very good boy and posed for a picture like a champ. However Clark was very busy chasing other dogs to have time to be pet.

A dog that caught the eye of many, was a stunning silvery white Golden Retriever, absolutely covered in mud. Her story is quite a unique one to tell. Her mom, Patty was at the park when a stranger came up to her and asked if she would like a dog.She said yes, and the stranger gave her a number. The woman who owned the dog did not answer Patty for about a month. She then called her and told her the dog was hers if she got her right then and there. 

The Golden Retriever is named Violet, she was about 1 years old when she came into her owner’s life, she is now 2 years old. Violet absolutely loves water, she goes hiking and paddle boarding all the time with her mom. You could tell with the amount of mud and pond water that was on her white coat that she is quite the explorer.

So many dogs have such interesting personalities and unique stories. Many dog owners are happy to share their dog’s story with you. It was a pleasure getting to know these dogs.