Treefort: Returning Home

Kaiya Kearns, Social Media Editor

Treefort 2021(2020) was a hit for many Boise folk during the week of September 22nd-26th. The precautions that were taken due to Covid and the constant support for everyone attending the festival was immense. Plus the amount of work and thought put into everyone’s safety was a main priority. Even though the turnout for attendees wasn’t as high as it usually is, people from all over came to play music, sing, dance, read, perform, and have fun. Even though the Treefort fun may be fading, it’s best to stay on high alert because it starts again in just six months. The dedication and teamwork to put on two Treefort’s in less than a year is incredible, plus picking awesome bands, dancers, and storytellers just adds to the Treefort spirit. All of these pictures that were taken really capture the essence of Boise and the Treefort festivities.

Treefort window art is a common sight for people all around the downtown area through the duration of the week long festivities. The art certainly brightens up our city and puts local artists on the map.
The band Calexico played Mainstage on Friday the 24th. This show really got everyone on their feet, and was super fun which provided some true Treefort magic.
Many performances of all kinds are shown during Treefort. Idaho Dance Theatre performed contemporary dance pieces at LED. The choreography in these pieces tell a story and the music that goes along with it definently helps back it up. The music is composed by a local musician, and that helps push Treefort’s message. Their mission is to help put younger, local, and underground artists out into the world and expand their following.
On the second day of Treefort, the band Prism B***h was rocking out on the Mainstage right in the heat of the afternoon. This show had so much energy and good vibes all around it definently set the bar for the rest of the festival.
The festival go-ers also help to make the week super fun. Everyone is always in a good mood and wants to have a good time. They want to help spread that energy to the people that are around them. It seems that many of the people during the festival are care free and enjoying life. Seeing people is such a refreshing sight after 2 years of delays and cancellations. Everyone finally got to come together and reunite at our Treefort home. This festival is proof that anything is possible when a community works together.

Other forts are through the enterity of the festival, so everyone can have an option to enjoy something they really want. This photo was taken during Skatefort on the 25th of the festival. Everyone young and old came to participate and watch a couple of shows while the local skating community shredded the Rhodes Skatepark.

Kidfort is another mini festival within the week that is all about kids. Boise Rock School performs and lots of fun activities for the little ones are tailored for younger audiences.
Storyfort is a nice break from the mass crowds of people and loud music blaring. This gives people a chance to take a breath and and enjoy some different forms of art.
Christian Scott plus other featured artists played Mainstage and rocked the house. Drums, trumpets, guitars, and many other instruments filled the night.