Cookie Competitors

The two best cookie delivery services.

The two best cookie delivery services.

Sienna Rock , Reporter

Crumbl Cookie and Chip Cookies  are the two most popular cookie delivery services in the Treasure Valley. Most students have probably heard of or tried Chip or Crumbl, and if you haven’t tried either yet, you might be wondering which one is better. Everyone has their favorite cookie, and it’s hard to come to a consensus. 

There is a lot more that goes into comparing the two other than which one makes the best chocolate chip cookie. First, you have to compare the foundational idea of Crumbl and Chip. Both of the companies deliver hot cookies right to your doorstep, or have locations that you can pick them up in. When it comes to delivery, they both provide the same service, giving neither of them the upperhand. 

One area where the two companies differ is with the cookie flavors, and how often they rotate them. Crumbl Cookie rotates their cookies weekly, having four new cookie flavors every week. They also keep the classic chocolate chip cookie and sugar cookie always stocked. Usually, their cookies have a theme, which the four weekly cookies match. Chip Cookies rotate their cookies every month, usually having two different flavors. They have their chocolate chip cookie, mini chocolate chip cookie and biscoff cookie year round. Both companies have huge cookies, and the mini chocolate chip is a nice addition for people not looking to gorge themselves. Personally, I prefer having new cookies every week. On the other hand, some people might like having monthly cookies because they can have them multiple times. However, Crumbl Cookie often brings back old recipes and recycles their flavors. That way if you missed one, they will most likely have it again. 

Both of the cookies are very similar. It’s just a basic chocolate chip cookie, it’s hard for one to be much better than the other. Chip’s chocolate chip cookie is the slightest bit better, having a better consistency. 

Normally the taste and flavor of Crumbl Cookie is more on the lighter and fruiter side. Whereas, Chip Cookie is more on the rich and darker side. 

Everybody has their own opinions on which company is better and why, but I think Crumbl is the better option. Even though Crumbl might have the slightest upper hand, most people will probably agree that both companies deserve all the hype around their names.