Taelyn’s Perspective


Zelda Fishman, Reporter

The theme that we have chosen for this edition of the Boise Highlights is, “Stories and Legends”. The cover artist matches this theme perfectly because not only is she a story to tell but her artwork also conveys stories of changing leaves, harmonious ecosystems, & overall captures more of what the general population cannot see with their bare eye. 

Taelyn Baiza is a talented artist who specializes in drawing nature and animals. Her art style includes landscapes of nature with various types of animals. She likes this style of art because of a personal interest in nature and animals. 

She started her business by contacting different types of gift stores on various social media platforms asking if they could start a business deal. Now, it has evolved into selling not only locally but also in three other states. During the coronavirus lockdown, she discovered her passion for doing these types of drawings and now sells her prints in over 16 stores across Idaho, Oregon, Wyoming, and Washington.

Taelyn excels not only in the artistic side of her life but also athletically and academically. She is an accomplished swimmer, runner, and takes challenging classes where she not only meets expectations but sets new standards with the quality and care of work she produces in all aspects of her life.

Overall Taelyn has a bright future ahead of her with her artwork.