Boise High Museum


Photo Credit: Ayden Terry

Stain Glass compiled of yearbook covers removed from library in 2017

Ayden Terry, Reporter

Unbeknownst to many students at Boise High, there are plans for a museum to be built in the basement. Since the school’s opening in 1882, nearly 140 years ago, there has been a lot of history at Boise High. Which is why the community leadership class has decided to turn a mostly unused room in the basement into a museum.

During World War II the use of this particular room was a shooting range for the JROTC. Even today you can still see the remnants of bullet markings on the walls and ceilings. In more recent years the room has also been used as a place for meetings. 

Currently, the room is more of a chaotic collection of history. It’s full of artifacts, yearbooks, jerseys, trophies, and old pieces of architecture. Boise High’s community leadership class is taking on the job of figuring out what is all there and how to organize it. They said a third of the items are from donations from Boise High alumni and the rest is from stuff that has been catalogued by the school throughout the years.

Their goal is to have the open room be split into four sections of a museum: Introduction to History, Walking Through the Years, Student Life, and Game Day. The hope is for the museum to be open by May. Ideally, there would be guided tours that you can book and the museum would be staffed by students. In addition to a museum, it will act as a place for high school reunions. 

The Introduction to History section will have a high focus on the history of Boise’s mascot. They will provide old statues and artifacts that were tied to the Braves mascot. Ms. Waters, the head of this project, said, “We want to find a way to transition the mascot that is beneficial to all parties involved and to maintain dignity while we do it.” 

The next area, Walking Through the Years, will have yearbooks from previous years on display. Some will be open to flip through while others will be protected due to their age. There will also be plaques of recognition for “Notable Braves” or, in other words, significant students who have attended Boise High. 

Student Life will have old prom dresses on display, scrapbooks dating back to the 1800s. The goal for this area is to commemorate the array of students, their belongings, and their accomplishments. The Game Day section will have old uniforms, trophies, and championship plaques. 

The students in the community leadership class are also accepting any donations of money, old artifacts, and memorabilia. There will also be a gift shop of sorts where new shirts, old shirts and stickers will be sold.