Frights Throughout The Hallways


Photo Credit: Daniel Steart

Boise High beloved teachers and some of their spooky stories.

Sienna Rock and Kaiya Kearns

Teacher’s from Boise High School have many horror stories from their classrooms. Whether it’s misbehaving students or classroom injuries, a lot of teachers have memorable stories that have haunted them through the years. These are the tales that chill us to our core, so beware of the horror and frights that lie ahead. You have been warned.

Ms. Fornader’s Mishap In The WeightRoom: When Ms. Fornader was working at Eagle High School, one of her students was trying to get his max squat. Even though most of the students understood the weight room rules and how to use the equipment properly, Ferd went over it again to be safe. Her student went for his max, but got nervous because of the weight. He put his hands on the safety rack while the bar was still on his back, which didn’t end well. The bar came down onto the student’s hand and cut his index finger  off. Ms. Forander explains that she acted calmly in the situation, picked up the mess, and brought the student to the ER. The doctors were able to reattach the finger without a hitch. Ms. Fornander says, “They reattached it, it was good. We took quick action!” 

Mr. Olswanger’s Trips to D.C.: Mr. Olswanger has taken many groups of students to D.C. There have been some peculiar incidents that he still remembers vividly. The first year he took students to DC, they had free time and played a game of soccer. One student accidentally headbutted another, which left the girl with a broken nose. Mr. Olswanger had to find the hospital,  and the doctors took until midnight to fix her nose. The rest of that D.C. trip went smoothly, but it was the next year’s trip that brought up more problems. Mr. Olswanger returned to D.C. and brought the girl’s little brother. The first night they were there, he got a knock on his door from one of the students. The girl’s little brother had fallen off the top bunk and had broken his wrist. Fortunately, he knew where the ER was, and  was there until 11am the next day, making all the same phone calls to the same parents. 

Ms. Waters vs. The Frank Church Night School: Ms. Waters first job was teaching government at Boise Evening School at Frank Church. She was working with another teacher and decided the kids should do volunteer work at the Idaho Food Bank, to learn to give back to their community.  The volunteering was canning food, which they were shown how to do upon arrival. However, Ms. Waters noticed huge bins filled with dried lentils. At the time, she thought nothing of it. The class starts doing their job, when one of the students jumps into the bin and more people followed his lead. “The Idaho Food Bank employees were mortified, and told us we wasted five thousand dollars worth of food,” Waters said. The boys stayed behind to clean up, while everyone waited on the bus, very upset. Once they made it back to school, one of the kids who caused the commotion was bouncing a basketball against a locker. Ms.Waters asked him to stop and the kid turned around and hurled many obscene explotives at her. That kid never returned to her class after that day.