The Boise Brick House is Back!


Photo Credit: Ayden Terry

Photos inside of the Bone Brickhouse at 704 North 7th Street showing each of the rooms available for use

Ayden Terry, Reporter

This year marks the first reopening of the Brick House. Due to Covid, the first opening in 2019 was short lived and. Because of this, many of this year’s students have never heard of the Brick House barring the recent announcements. 

The Boise Brick House was donated to the school as a collaborative space. This year the Community Leadership class has put a lot of effort into forming it into a valuable resource for teenagers in the Boise area. Thanks to their hard work, it’s finally back open after a Covid hiatus.

There will be all sorts of events and programs dedicated to learning and expanding understanding. Some of the workshops and programs that are in the lineup include therapy dogs, counselors for free drop-in counseling, youth rights talks, baking, stress management, and intersectional feminism. 

The purpose of the house is to create a safe space for students and youth. As long as participants are willing to wear masks and be vaccinated, the rooms, besides a few of the offices, are intended  for everyone’s use. 

To start this year’s use of the Brickhouse with a bang, there was an opening event which was a success! There were lots of arts and crafts, cookie decorating, a ping pong table outside, and a Wii downstairs. They also provided sandwiches, soda, chips, apple cider, and cinnamon rolls. What’s more, they were all free for visitors to take. Overall, around 40 people participated throughout the evening. 

In the living room, there’s space for homework and crafts with choices of a couch and a table. Then they have more space in the dining room for homework with an emphasis on collaborative work. You can also use the space to eat the provided snacks. The kitchen is the next room that will be stocked with said snacks and drinks. Then there are stairs that lead down to the basement where you can play on the wii, do more crafts, play games, listen to music, and generally hang out with others. The porch also has a ping pong table. 

The Brickhouse will be open every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 3:15 to 5:30. There are also opportunities to volunteer for and donate to the Brick House.