If What They Say Sways You Away from Anime…


Collage of various popular anime characters. They are so cool! (Sources: IMDB, Crunchyroll, PennLive, Netflix, Pinterest)

Sophia Chen, Reporter

Anime. Some people worship it, while others bash it. The vast majority of people think that anime is cringe and nerdy. This article will dismantle those thoughts, and it just might change your life forever. 

About three or four years ago, I avoided anime religiously. I looked down upon it because I thought it was weird to like anime. I never knew how wrong I was until one fateful day, I stumbled upon Naruto, a cool ninja dude anime. Instantly I was hooked, and after, I started to understand the hype about anime shows. Before jumping to conclusions about anime, I dare you to give Japanese animations a shot. 

My favorite Japanese cartoon shows are Hunter x Hunter, Glitter Force, My Hero Academia, Toradora!, and Naruto. You also have to watch some Studio Ghibli anime movies, like Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle.

The thing that makes many anime shows special to me is that they tend to have wonderfully crafted characters and plots. There is a lot of fantastic discussion over anime personalities. 

Also, the shows and movies give me life advice and act as a guiding hand. One of my favorite anime movies is Silent Voice, and it taught me many life lessons. The movie is about a boy who bullied a deaf girl when they were young. The boy always lives in unrest and goes through dark times because of what he did to the girl. The story is about self-redemption and self-improvement, but I believe the most important lesson from the movie is self-forgiveness. Not all anime has to have lessons and morals, but the ones that do, stay close to my heart.

I think that anime tends to have an abundance of strangeness, but at the same time, these animes generally teach deeper lessons than the ones we learn in day-to-day life. The bad parts of anime shows are the over-sexualization of characters and unnecessary inappropriate moments. Thankfully, this doesn’t apply to all anime shows.

All in all, these shows offer different perspectives and include interesting characters. My advice is to be true to yourself and don’t let other people’s opinions make you hesitant to watch anime.