Injuries of the Body


Student Shabnam Abdulnasir snapped her ankle during lunch while playing soccer, resulting in 16 stitches. (Shabnam Abdulnasir)

Sophia Chen, Reporter

Nowadays, injuries are incredibly common because of all the activities and sports in our daily lives. Let’s be honest, injuries suck. These booboos are a problematical, painful part of life. So discover the unpleasant injuries that students at Boise High have had.

Almost everyone has had biking, skateboarding, skiing, or snowboarding injuries. Alexander Robinson says that he got in the all too common bike accident. He writes, “I was riding my bike with my friend, and we had to stop because there was a car coming. They stopped for us, and I went first. I went too fast, so I braked, stopped too fast, and flew forward, smacking the pavement hard and breaking my jaw.” The idea of a jaw-smacking, face-slapping collision with hard-as-nails pavement sounds terribly painful. Homegirl Lily Saperston broke her ankle last year and snapped it in half while snowmobiling. She definitely has nerves of steel.

Sports have varying levels of risk when it comes to the likelihood of bodily damage. Gymnastics is just one of the many sports that often results in grave accidents. Gymnast and Boise High student Mehana Collins has had many unfortunate episodes during gymnastics. “One time, I was doing a vault in gymnastics, and I was doing a flip. I grabbed my legs, and I jammed my finger against my leg and broke it,” she stated, giggling. Strawberry jam is sweet, but that kind of jam, not so much. It sure takes a brave soul to do gymnastics.

A surprisingly common injury is a knee tear. Two students, Felix Filson and Ethan Dunham, both struck knee trauma. Felix tore his meniscus and MCL jumping off a bridge with his buddies into water, and Ethan shattered his knee when he tripped.

Sometimes injuries are part of the risk of doing the things you love. Sometimes diving off the high end ends badly, but if you always stay in the kiddie pool, you might end up swimming in a lot of pee. If the risk of injury in an activity is incredibly high, it’s good to have a back-up safety plan. It’s up to you to keep yourself safe, weighing the risks with the activities you do.