What are Nicholas Cage Movies?


Nicholas Cage has been in at least 124 movies, each one with an original plot. These 124 movies range from action to emo to animatronic in relation to their genre. There are many Nicholas Cage movies that need to be talked about.

The first movie to discuss is the Chuck-E-Cheese horror story. It’s actually called Willy’s Wonderland, but this one was interesting. Nicholas Cage is  a lonely man who helps clean out an arcade. Something along the lines of a Chuck-E-Cheese or Pojo’s. He gets stuck in the fun zone with a group of teenagers and has to fight off evil animatronics that have come to life. The kicker is, he never says a word. This movie actually has a surprising sacrificial twist at the end..

If you like the combination of Nicholas Cage and cult movies, one option is Drive Angry. John Milton (Nicholas Cage) goes to hell for being a criminal. His grandbaby is taken by a cult leader to sacrifice because he wants to unleash hell on Earth. Milton escapes from hell and meets his partner-in-crime who is a waitress; she owns a very sexy muscle car which they use to search for the cult leader. Things go awry when Satan climbs out of hell to search for John Milton and put him back where he belongs. Now the plot line for this is kinda all over the place from the sounds of it, however, I recommend watching this with your own eyes to fully absorb what happens.

Then there is also Mandy where Nicholas Cages’ character’s wife is killed by a cult and he goes on a revengical rampage. The movie has lots of colors, unique illustrations, fight scenes, and exciting themes.

Another action packed movie is The Rock, which surprisingly has nothing to do with our little bald headed muscle man, but everything to do with Nicholas Cage. In this film, Cage plays an FBI agent who knows his chemicals. He is sent out on a mission to stop a traitor of the FBI from launching chemical warfare onto Alcatraz. His ransom to stop this task is to give money to the families of FBI agents who died in covert operations. Their entire SEAL team gets wiped out and destroyed and they have to deal with the army all on their own. This one is definitely more bittersweet and sad. 

The complexity of Cage’s movies is brilliant. They can make you feel all the emotions in only five minutes of your time. The roller coaster of a plot always leads to an entertaining rabbit hole that you can’t look away from.


Willy’s Wonderland feat. Nicholas Cage