A Crash Course on Sophomore Elections


Zelda Fishman, Reporter

High School student government is an important attribute to Boise High. It allows the students to make decisions that will impact them and their peers. Now that sophomore elections are coming up, the student body gets to decide who will represent them and make tough decisions. 

When running for student council, there is a specific process you need to go through. Adriana Curtis, who’s running for President, describes the process as a few weeks of campaigning and preparations. She noted that social media plays a big role in marketing yourself to the student body. Neala Magill, who’s running for Treasurer also mentioned that there were some requirements that candidates must meet, like a 2.5 GPA and no major disciplinary infractions. Candidates also need to create a platform about issues they care about, produce ways to solve them, and articulate how they are going to take action. 

Every one of the positions is an important role to take on. Cami Anderson, who’s running for Treasurer, said that she was compelled to run because she wants to change our school for the better as well as for the opportunity to meet new people and to be able to build off each other. Tyson Russell is running for President and he responded with: “I want to run because I think that it would be fun to become a larger part of the Boise High community and make our school a more engaging place to learn.” Shannon Keil, who is running for Vice President, says she wants to run because she has a multitude of ideas to make Boise High a better place. 

High school student body government elections have faced long standing accusations of being a popularity contest as a result of the winners being up to the student body. “I think that, ultimately, it is a popularity contest to be honest, but I also think that the way you portray yourself to the student body is important. When you make funny, appealing posters and videos it can definitely persuade people.” Says Elise Woods who is running for Vice President. Alivia Shepherd who is running for Ambassador says that when a person that is less fit for the position than another gets elected based on popularity, it reveals the bias created in this system. 

Being able to communicate with the student body is important in this election process because it lets people know your ideas, intentions, and morals. Adriana Curtis says that if she could say anything to the whole student body, it would be that she is a candidate that will never stop working hard and putting in extra effort to make school a better experience for the students. Kate Beswick-Seidl says: “ I would tell them that voting is the best thing you can do for your leadership. It is always great to be involved one way or another. Care about your school!” 

A number of events have happened to familiarize the candidates with the student body including but not limited to short speeches from each candidate posted on the Boise Brave Leadership Instagram page, live speeches from the Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates, and a lot of campaigning in person and online through social media platforms. 

The student body will get a voice in the people who are going to make big decisions for them and to some degree, what their high school experience will be. This democratic process is such an important lesson in our young adult lives which will apply outside of Boise High when we come of age to vote in elections.