Backlash at BSU

Dina Hughes, Reporter

Scott Yenor, a professor of Political Science at BSU has gotten negative feedback due to his 15 minute speech at the National Conservatism Convention. The speech in question talks about “The political and personal evils that flow from feminism.” as stated by Scott Yenor. He explains that feminism is weakening the structure of America, and that women should not be in leadership roles, rather, they should be focused on becoming mothers. He talks about men living life without purpose when they are not called to the duties of fatherhood by women. 

Many of the statements discussed by Professor Yenor infuriated people. Specifically the statement, “they are more medicated, meddlesome, and quarrelsome than women need to be.”  Many shared their disgust on Twitter, Tiktok, and Instagram and asked for BSU to make a statement. Boise State University’s response was that Yenor has free speech and that free speech can be uncomfortable at times. 

This was met with backlash and anger by many students. Emma Jones, a student studying law at BSU explains her anger. “If he  had replaced the word “women” with  black, christian, jewish, republican, or any other group, he would have faced large consequences from the university. However, they’re not planning on firing him or removing his ability  to teach women. A lot of people are pushing to get him on title IX.”

On the BSU’sInstagram,the university posted a few pictures speaking of their support of women and celebrating them. This was met with backlash demanding action in the comments section . Some people have started a petition to get Yenor fired from his tenured position at BSU. Tayia Carter, a senior at Capital High, has been vocal about the BSU Instagram page. She explained that Boise State was her top choice of school due to what they represented. Now, due to the lack of action from the university and the words spoken by Yenor, she stated that, “BSU is not a safe space for a woman to pursue higher education in STEM fields.”

Scott Yenor has responded to the anger by sharing the voicemails he has received responding to the speech. He also created a short two minute video reiterating the points he made at the conference as well as stating that he has become “an object for their (feminists) hatred.”