Super Bowl Halftime Show


Zelda Fishman, Managing Editor

The Super Bowl halftime show is largely known as one of the biggest concerts of the year. The hottest artists get to perform in the biggest football stadiums with millions of people watching. This year is the 56th annual Super Bowl and the lineup doesn’t disappoint.

The Super Bowl this year will be held in Los Angeles, California at So-fi Stadium which holds 70,240 people. It opened in late 2020 and cost roughly around $5-6 Billion dollars to construct. The Super Bowl is expected to bring 150,000 fans into the city and create approximately $477 million dollars for the city of Los Angeles. 

This year the Super Bowl Halftime show will consist of Dr.Dre, Snoop Dog, Eminem, Mary J. Blige, and Kendrick Lamar. Dr. Dre is paying a large part of the money for the Halftime show and with Covid-19 still raging the chance of the show getting canceled isn’t completely out of the question. Although he has insurance, it doesn’t extend to any Covid related cancellations. This proposes a lot of financial risk with the show without either no payout or enormous payout. 

The Halftime show is a much anticipated performance year after year. The show brings in a completely new audience than the actual football game causing not only the performers to profit off all the football fans watching, as well as their personal fans, but also the NFL profits by having two different niche markets to be invested in one big event. 

Some of the biggest performers in the World have performed at the Halftime show such as Beyonce, Prince, Madonna, Micheal Jackson, and Lady Gaga. Part of why the show is so loved and successful is because of all the legacy behind it.