Warm Memories in Cartoons

Dina Hughes, Reporter

Childhood memories are preserved in pictures.

Have you ever sat down, opened Netflix, and clicked on Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse ? Fascinated by Ken’s closet robot, Raquelle’s vanity and the quick witted humor for all ages. No matter the age, many teenagers can relate to this. This show sparks memories and nostalgia of a time when things were easier. There were no worries about good grades or the impending doom of college applications. It reminds many teenagers of a time when life wasn’t so stressful.  

I’m not quite sure why teenagers are so drawn to this show, but it made me wonder what other “kids” cartoons are teenagers interested in and why? First, I have to think of my experience and what the why factor is for me.

For me (as a 17 year old girl who has just gone through a pandemic), I have had quite some time to catch up on my favorite shows. I thought that in such an unpredictable time, I sought comfort and nostalgia of how things used to be. When working hard meant picking plants and roses in the middle of June to make food for our pretend restaurant. Taking “so hot it feels cold” baths after playing soccer in the street in the middle of November. The reminiscence of times where things didn’t mean as much and childhood innocence filled our hearts. To find this comfort and the happiness that came with being a child, I seeked my favorite comfort shows. This meant watching The Amazing World of Gumball, Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse, and many Disney movies. These all remind me of warm memories in my heart of being little.

Like When I would wake up on Saturday mornings, grab my Honey Nut Cheerios and watch my recorded episodes of Gumball using cable TV. My brother and I sitting on the ground in worn-out bean bags giggling at a silly blue cat and a fish with legs, deciding if  we should play Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games; London 2012 or keep watching Gumball. These mornings and moments are highlighted as core memories in my childhood, going back to those days in a time where life seems to move a little too fast helps remind me of the simplicity of what truly matters. 

Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse reminded me of snow days during Snowmageddon in 2017 with my best friend, the smell of cinnamon and hot cocoa in the air. With damp hair from playing in the snow minutes before.

Disney movies will always remind me of bedtimes at my grandma’s house. Watching The Lion King on VHS tapes that previously belonged to my aunts and uncles. Jumping on the bed in my matching pajama set with puppies, before being told to go brush my teeth and get to bed.


These memories are bittersweet now as things are much different, I now open up my Macbook to click on HBO to watch Gumball, or Disney Plus where an assortment of Disney movies greet me. I sit in my bedroom and my brother sits in his, our Wii collecting dust in the garage.

However, watching these shows will always allow me to recall these memories and warm my heart. I will always think back to those Saturday mornings, my blue puppy pajamas, and the faint smell of cinnamon and hot chocolate.