The Devastating Effects of Losing Flash Player


Maia Ramen’s sacred memorial ceremony to mourn for the end of Papa’s pizzeria (Source: Maia Ramen).

Sophia Chen, Reporter

At the end of 2020, one of the worst things happened. 


Adobe Flash Player disappeared, devastating the entire nation. Why did this have to happen? Well, according to the website, Flash had many security concerns. Furthermore, Flash just couldn’t stay on par with other internet technologies like phone apps. As a result, Flash died on December 31, 2020. Although the effects of Flash vanishing weren’t immediate, they became more and more apparent as time went on. Now that it’s 2021, many things have changed, and many struggles have persisted.

Boise High student and gamer Maya Ramen was devastated when it was time for Flash to go. She formed a funeral ceremony with friends to honor one of the best Flash games, Papa’s Freezeria. She stated sternly, “I only ever got to level 32 but stressing about getting Joe’s blue ribbon is still a core memory”. Papa’s games are some of the most beloved games to have ever existed, and it’s clear that these games had a profound effect on the happiness of many. The Papa’s games and many other fun ones used to reside on CoolMathGames, but now that Flash games are gone, CoolMathGames has caused many to lose hope.

Another student Kaisa Nillson is not a big-time gamer. Nevertheless, she has also encountered troubles. She says, “Without Flash, science [PHET] simulations do not work. It’s difficult, you know.” Kaisa deeply cares about her education, and without PHET simulations, there’s not much she can do to further enhance her learning. 

An anonymous source stated that he used to play games on a website known as ‘’. Now all the games that he grew up with are gone. He states, “It feels like my childhood is gone.”

Although Flash media is evaporated for life, the media can often be downloaded on the Apple App Store or through a computer. However, this is a strenuous task that most students don’t have the devotion for. It seems that the only free and decent computer games available online are on platforms such as Steam or Roblox. It’s sickening to think that future generations