Hidden Treasures in The Gem State


Idaho is full of unique and cool places, it just might be hard to find some of them. (Idaho Statesman)

Sienna Rock, Reporter

Disneyland in Los Angeles, Bellagio in Las Vegas and The Plaza in New York are all examples of famous places and hotels scattered throughout the U.S. However, Idaho isn’t home to very many nationally known hotels and attractions. This leaves many people seeking vacations in other states and countries, forgetting about some of the simple and unique places to stay in Idaho. 

Although Idaho doesn’t have very many hotels it’s famous for, it is notorious for its potatoes. So why not combine the two and stay in a potato shaped hotel. Krisite Wolfe, a former Big Idaho Potato Tour spokesperson, recycled the potato from the tour and turned it into a hotel. It might look unappealing on the outside, but the inside is simple and beautiful. There is also a silo next door, created to be a spa and bathroom. And to make the stay even more Idahoan, there is a jersey cow that lives on the property. 

Potatoes fit perfectly into Idaho, however castles are something that might seem a little out of place. Nonetheless, in Hope, Idaho, there is a 6,300 square foot castle. The castle has 5 bedrooms and can accommodate over 16 people. It’s gigantic grey and white dome roofs and balconies are what helps give it the castle look. It also sits on Lake Pend Oreille and is surrounded by mountains and trees, giving it the perfect fairytale feeling. 

Another thing Idaho is known for, is it’s outdoors. Treehouses are the perfect place to get into the outdoors in a peaceful and unique way. Fortunately, there are plenty of trees in Idaho to build treehouses in and around. The Crystal Peak Lookout, in Fernwood, is a perfect place to enjoy and look at the great views of Idaho. The house is covered in huge windows, which makes it amazing for taking in the view. The treehouse is also located on 13 acres of land, perfect for exploring. After a long day of possibly enjoying nature, there is also a sauna at the bottom of the lookout to relax in. Overall, the lookout makes for a stunning weekend getaway.

If you are looking for a change of scenery, the Black Swan Inn is a hotel located in Pocatello, Idaho. One thing that makes this inn so special is the different themed rooms it has. Currently, it has 14 different themed rooms, with each room completely decorated to match it’s theme. Some of the themes include: Atlantis Under the Sea, The Wild West, Jungle Falls, Romeo and Juliet, Arabian Nights, and more. Any atmosphere someone was looking to spend their vacation on, the Black Swan probably has. 

Although it might not be easy to see, Idaho is full of unique and fun places to visit and stay. If you don’t want to look far for a vacation, these are just a few of the places in the Idaho area that might make breaks and vacations a little more fun.