Tensions Rising on Ukraine Border


Map of Russia explaining the crisis (Credit: TNS)

Dina Hughes, Reporter

Tensions are growing between Russia and the rest of the world as Russia moves towards Ukraine. Many countries have been set on edge as this issue develops. To understand this issue, context is needed. 

Ukraine has always been an important piece to Russia. Many family lines go back centuries tying the two countries together. Ukraine is the gateway to the west and because of this, they have often been victim to Russian conquest. Ukraine rivaled the United States during the Cold War and was the second most powerful country in the Soviet Union after Russia.

In 1991, the Soviet Union collapsed and Ukraine gained its independence. Many Russians were disgruntled by this, thinking it was a mistake to let go of the country. The tensions have been high since this point and Russia extremely dislikes that Ukraine is trying to garner western aid and trust in the west rather than Russia. 

Ukraine has tried to join NATO and the EU, however, this has been met with anger from Russia. Ukraine is also fractured. On the Western side of Ukraine, people want to become more Westernized and join organizations. However, on the Eastern side of Ukraine, people think they should keep their ties with Russia. 

In 2014, tensions rose higher when Russia annexed Crimea due to angry coups happening in Ukraine because of Russian influence over the Ukrainian President. Putin called his annexation a rescue mission for the many ethnic Russians that lived in Crimea. Many have seen this simply as an excuse to expand Russian influence. 

In late 2021, Putin sent troops to the border between Russia and Ukraine and has been sending more and more over the course of the last few months. The U.S. and other countries such as France have warned Putin and told him that invading Ukraine will result badly on his end. Putin is demanding that Ukraine never ever joins NATO, something that he has stated for many years. The reason that America and other countries care so much is because if Russia attacks Ukraine, it opens them up to the rest of Europe. It also shows weakness in the idea of “westernization”. The modern western values and the power that the U.S. and other countries hold is something that Putin villainizes. 

On February 7, Putin and Emmanuel Macron (President of France) met at the Kremlin to discuss and de-escalate the Ukrainian issue. Macron has become the middleman in the diplomacy between Russia and worried European Nations. 

More news will occur as this issue persists on, we can only hope that the countries can reach a point of peace.


A map of Ukraine explaining the conflict.(Credit: TNS)