Not Another First Rate Date!


Make beautiful moments, one at a time.(PaintByNumbersCanvas)

Sophia Chen, Reporter

The month of love is a time of teenage romance and cuddly, wuddly dates. It’s when hormonal teenagers can feel a special connection with one another. Although being single is great, it’s also nice to go out on a refreshing date, spending quality time with your significant other. This article provides some wonderful undertakings that couples can do together in Boise.

Generally, going on a simple and playful walk will make for a zesty date. Parade throughout neighborhoods, parks, hiking trails like Table Rock, the Greenbelt, downtown, or anywhere really. Just chatting and wandering around Boise, allows twosomes to get to know each other better.

Moreover, a relaxing option is to chill at home with bae. Fun possibilities include baking treats, watching a movie, watching YouTube, and playing video games. Even more activities include, making fun videos, smooching, doing chalk art, singing, doing homework together, or just sitting and chatting. Find things that you enjoy doing when you’re at home, and see if bae wants to do them too. Talking isn’t required though, you can just sit next to them and savor the spice of life.

For some spicier, yet pricier date ideas, try going out to a restaurant, a movie, a local concert, an escape room, Wahooz, Roaring Springs, a sporting event, the Boise Zoo, Bogus Basin (to ski/snowboard), the Boise Art Museum, the Discovery Center, the Western Idaho Fair, the Shakespeare Festival, Haunted World, Ceramica, or grocery/thrift stores. Going on expensive dates should be reserved for every once in a while though, or the luster of the date might become duller than the moon.

Last but not least, it’s important to do something extra special every so often with a special person. For example, sitting outside at night on a treasured dumpster and stargazing is something that gives off a magical vibe. Dates in nature are always sweet and romantic.

In essence, encountering new adventures and going on fun dates will make relationships more dreamy and unforgettable. Sometimes, it’s good enough just to be around the person you like.