Musically Inept Music Review

Musically Inept Music Review

Photo Credit: hmjwt4484m

Ayden Terry, Reporter

My biggest red flag is that I don’t like music. Except that’s a lie. When people ask me what my favorite songs are or what my spotify wrapped was, it’s simply easier to say that than to explain that I don’t have room in my head for music very often and that my music taste is poor. Or at least that’s what I’m told. There’s something so vulnerable about sharing your music taste, so I try to avoid the aux altogether. 

I also have an issue with hopping on the bandwagon or feeling FOMO. Even worse, sometimes I like a song and then feel embarrassed when other people think it’s trash. This has led me to being out of the loop for popular music. So I decided to remedy that

First on my list is Exit Music (For a Film) by Radiohead. The only song of theirs that I’m familiar with is Creep, so I figured I would broaden my horizon. My first impression of the song is that it’s slow and depressing, but not in a bad way. It has a very calming, almost nihilistic vibe to it. I especially enjoy when the music picks up towards the end. The lyrics are also very understandable and open for interpretation, which adds to the power of the song. The title fits, I could see this being a good end to a movie. 

My next song has a different vibe altogether, but I had to see for myself why there is so much hype around Kanye (Ye?) West. So I listened to POWER. I like the vocals with the buildup of the music. The message is interesting, especially set to the flow of the lyrics. The chorus is very well written and it creates a good opening for conversation and interpretation. 

Finally I wanted to end my review with a female artist. I chose to listen to Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Rey. This one made me feel emotional which is always nice. The words and the instruments worked well to create a good song that I can see myself listening to again. Lana’s voice is also nice to listen to with a very large range.