The Rise of Doja Cat


Doja Cat’s album, Planet Her. You can’t deny that she looks like a goddess. (Source: Genius)

Sophia Chen, Reporter

There’s a woman in town, making celebrity headlines by day and tik tokking by night. Her name is Doja Cat. The famous singer, rapper, and celebrity personality has taken the music industry by storm. Although she’s done very questionable things, getting herself canceled a few times, she’s managed to stay in the spotlight, continuing to make majestic music.

To begin, there are several reasons why Doja Cat’s career has skyrocketed. This could be credited to her pure talent and skill. Critics say that her dreamy singing abilities contrast well with her talk-rapping, raw and sassy voice. Not only that, but Doja Cat has a creative eye when making music videos, and her music is incredibly catchy and lucious, all at the same time.

It was Doja Cat’s hilarious and provocative music video, “MOOO!”, which was released on Youtube in 2018, that gave her the exposure she needed to become famous. From then on, Doja Cat’s career exploded. Her saucy and bossy song, “Say So”, made back in 2019, was dynamite, largely thanks to its diffusion on TikTok. So much so that at one point, it reached number one on Billboard’s Hot 100 songs.

In 2021, Doja released her album Planet Her, which contains several hit songs. These include “Woman”, “Need To Know”, “Kiss Me More”, “Get Into It (Yuh)”, “I Don’t Do Drugs”, and “You Right”. Doja Cat’s quirky personality, and innovative and funky music videos, make her stand out to the crowd. Her recent music video for “Get Into It (Yuh)”, was a testament to this, especially with the unconventional dance moves and unique outfits.

Although Doja Cat’s fame and music are still going strong, she has faced conflicts. Ever since she was discovered to have allegedly said some homophobic and racist remarks, Doja Cat has found herself in hot waters with fans and critics alike. Doja Cat has yet to meaningfuly address this situation. Despite this, her music career continues to grow. That is, at least for now.