Gap Years in Idaho

On a gap year you will be able to wistfully look at historic national landmarks! (Volunteer Forever)

On a gap year you will be able to wistfully look at historic national landmarks! (Volunteer Forever)

Isaac Fishman, Managing Editor

As high school comes to an end for many seniors, the prospect of college is scary. A lot of students are unsure which school they want to attend or even if they want to attend one. With the pandemic interrupting much of junior and senior year, many students may feel unprepared to go out on their own as adults; as if two years of education have gone out the window. A Gap year can help young students transition from high school to college in a more seamless manner, as well as be a much cheaper alternative. 


Option #1- Gap years in Idaho


Gap years here in Idaho are very transitionally focused, with lots of courses being based on the transition between childhood and adulthood. The Gemba Gap program in Boise offers just that, and helps guide students through an important time in their lives by offering inside looks at what they might want to be in the coming years. Another Gap program is the Boise state gap year. What makes Boise State unique is that they encourage the program as a way to save money. Oftentimes many students will be shoved into college before they are ready by their parents, and this gap year would appease both parties.


Option #2 Internships

Maybe you’re thinking about skipping over college altogether and jumping straight into work. If so, internships the first year out of high school can give you a real taste of what it’s like to work for a company in a 9-5 setting, or something more accustomed to your interests. A great service to find these programs, as there are many, is The Intern Group. They have a huge database of internship gap year programs, and you’ll certainly find what you’re looking for. 


Option #3 Outside Idaho

There are so many options for gap years outside of Idaho and abroad. Some of these gap years are even free, like peace corps. This is something to explore for yourself and a great place to start is to look at Teen Life’s gap year programs. There is a massive world to explore and often one doesn’t really know what they want to do until they’ve broadened their horizons. Ambition for these programs will only be rewarded, and spots are filling up fast. You might want to get going on these sooner rather than later.