Finn and Ian’s Football League


Commissioners Finn and Ian take football very seriously (Isaac Fishman)

Isaac Fishman, Managing Editor

All information in this article is factual according to Finn Coleman and Ian Minton.


The time honored tradition of 6th Period Football. The 6PF league has almost reached the playoffs of its 37th season, and the commissioners/owners/stars of the league, Finn Coleman and Ian Minton, shared with me some of the greatest moments and tidbits from the league. Some have called it the greatest sporting spectacle of all time, others have called it heaven on Earth. Finn and Ian call it football. 


“You can’t talk about 6PF without talking about the greats who have played the game,” said Finn. 

Among Finn and Ian there may be some names you recognize in the 6PF hall of fame. Names like Bart Starr, Spongebob, Mike Ditka, Mike White and Walter White. Yes, even Heisenburg was slinging the pigskin.


 “He was the best quarterback I’ve ever seen, except for me, of course,” said Ian. “You could tell he was using products from his extracurriculars, making it difficult for us to put him in the hall of fame. But he was just too good to ignore.” 


There are many fan favorites running around the gridiron these days. Finn and Ian are the stars they always were, but other names like Gavin Harris, Aidan Mclean and even myself are emerging.


“We have a lot of young talent coming up from Mr. Valentine’s class,” said Finn “We even offered Hunter Renfrow a contract, but he had to play in the NFL playoffs.”


The league, however, has not been without its fair share of controversy. Rumor has it that a man even died on the field in the league’s inaugural season. When I asked Finn about this, he had no comment and called his lawyer, while Ian threw many spike-tipped footballs at me. Many injuries have also been connected to a large hole in the middle of the field, marked as ‘dangerous’ by Ian. 


“I wouldn’t go near the thing,” said Ian. “Why do you think I still have all my fingers?” 


If you want to follow the league, you can go to Finn’s Tik Tok account, Matadorburritolover. There you will find 6PF clips as well as silly dancing videos. 


“I have like seventy thousand followers on that account,” said Finn, who has 179 followers. 


If you ever want to skip sixth period, you can always come out to the field where the games are played, or even play in the game. The awards and praise you will receive will be ‘bountiful,’ according to Applebees, the official restaurant of 6PF. Come out and play some football, Finn and Ian are always looking for more young adults to indoctrinate.