Cover Artist: More Like Corey Artist


Corey Slee enjoying the snow. (Kate Neville)

Sophia Chen, Reporter

For the cover of the newspaper, Corey Slee, a soon-to-graduate senior and awesome cover artist, created the cover art. Corey explained how his main inspiration for this funky fresh piece of artwork was  none other than the fact that he was asked to do art for the newspaper.

He says that the faces displayed on the cover art represent the various faces of Boise High, and the tight-knit community we have within this humble high school.

The art is incredibly vibrant and colorful (just like Corey) with loads of unique and creative characters. Each character has different expressions and facial features too. One of the more notable features of this piece is the octopus consuming the blue character, and there are many other interesting details splattered throughout the piece.

First but not least, Corey is kind and caring. He is thinking about becoming a nurse in the future because he likes helping people, and he’s good at it. Corey is a student by day, and a CPR giver at night and is working for his CNA (Certified Nurse Assistant) at D-tech. That’s a killer combo right there. As well, over the summer he plans to work at St. Alphonsus, to finally obtain his CNA and gain work experience. Corey will take a gap year before attending college for nursing.

He plans to create art in his free time as a hobby. His favorite medium of art is line art, and his favorite things to draw are skeletons and animals. Slee explained how he loves art because it’s amusing and relaxing, and that’s how it should be. Crazy enough, he’s had a love for art ever since the 8th grade.

Not only is Corey a rising young artist, but he’s other things too. He’s also an ingenious craftsman who likes to make t-shirts with his Cricut. Some things Corey likes are rice, nature, monkeys, capybaras, summer, and art. Things he doesn’t like are bad weather and driving. Something really cool and totally relevant about Corey is that he’s got 3 nose piercings

Some of Corey’s talents include wordle. According to Corey’s friends, he is a bright and charismatic person. His love for art, nature, and caring for others will help him achieve a lot in the future. A big thank you to Corey for creating Boise Highlights cover art, and encapsulating our theme: Faces of Boise.