Show of the Season: Bridgerton


Zelda Fishman, Managing Editor

The show Bridgerton focuses on one influential family of the Ton, The Bridgertons, and the way they make their way through the scandal and provoking situations the characters are put in. Last season, they focused on the love story of Daphne, the eldest daughter and her path to marriage to, eventually, the Duke of Hastings. Now, in season two, they are focusing on the eldest son, the viscount, in his pursuit to find the viscountess.

In season 2 they introduced three new characters, the Sharma sisters and their mother who came to London from India for the social season and to get the youngest daughter, Edwina, married. The eldest daughter has no desire to marry but instead hopes to guide her sister through the season to help her acquire the best match. Events take a turn though when the Queen of England names Edwina the diamond of the season which means that in her eyes she is the most desired debutant for the season.

The costumes in season 2 do not disappoint as they are meticulous and intricate as season. Bridgerton is a story about the highest members of society, so of course, the dresses must align with the most powerful people in London in the 1800’s. They are of course historically accurate but include modern elements that give a twist to the not-so traditional show.

Season 1 and Season 2 are alike in the sense that they tell the story of a person looking for a match but in Season 1 Daphne, the eldest Bridgerton daughter wants to fall in love and in Season 2, Antony, the eldest Bridgerton son desires a wife solely for the purpose of duty to his family and providing an heir.

The show draws in viewers because of its provoking content that isn’t exactly written in history books. During the time the show took place there were many arranged marriages, societal agreements for land, money or connections. Although everyone desires what the show calls a, “Love match” it isn’t possible for everyone. This season the viscount is determined to find a match that suits his duties to his family. A woman that can provide him children and an heir to the family. Viewers find this topic intriguing because it’s so opposite from today’s society’s point of view. This along with many reasons is why you’ll see Bridgerton popping up on your Netflix page.