Here We Go Again


Photo Credit: Kaiya Kearns

Opening night of The Washington Street Players’ production.

Kaiya Kearns, Social Media Editor

The Washington Street players have done it again. On April 6th-9th these aspiring actresses and actors took to the stage to perform the popular musical, Mamma Mia! Months of rehearsals, voice technique, and dance classes have really shown through to create this magical moment in the Boise High Auditorium.

There are a lot of new things for most of these actors to learn. Peyton Gustuvsen, a senior at Boise High, and one of the lead roles (Sophie Sheridan) expresses how this show has been more challenging and different from others in the past. “I would say the hardest part of this production has probably been the dancing. I’m definitely not a dancer so getting used to dancing has definitely been a new challenge.” Throughout the whole musical there are many dance numbers the whole cast breaks into, all while singing. Learning to do both, simultaneously, in a short period of time is an incredible feat all of these actors had to overcome.

“Putting on a musical rather than a play is definitely a lot more work, but it’s worth it in the end. A musical requires everyone to be putting in a lot of effort for the singing, dancing, and acting, rather than just the acting.” Gustuven states. This means more rehearsals than usual and lots of time outside of school, not just the acting and singing, but the props as well. Everyone involved in the making of this musical, put in lots of effort and it is clearly shown in this production. All of the cast members love the work they have done and are putting their hearts onto the stage and into the audience for everyone to enjoy the show as much as they do. 

Obviously, there are many challenges that come with a musical, but there are even more challenging scenes to bring to life. Gustuvsen stated, “I think everyone would say the hardest scene to pull together was “lay all your love on me “. It’s definitely a little PG13 and it was difficult to get comfortable with my scene partner Colin Crecelius (Sky). Not only that, but at the end of the scene the boys come out and dance in flippers and it was a disaster at first.” Like most things in life, patience and practice are key. Working diligently on something you love produces some of the best work and that is what this musical portrays to everyone.

High energy, fun-loving, great singing and dancing, are only a few descriptors of this musical production. Everyone involved with sets, costumes, choreography, and all things behind the scenes really brought this show to life along with the actors. Mamma Mia! Was one for the books in Boise High History.