Seniors’ First Steps into the “Real World”


Ayden Terry, Reporter

College commitment is just around the corner which means Boise High’s seniors are already beginning to decide where they’ll go next year. Boise is known for its highly academic and hardworking students so it’s always exciting to see where the years beyond high school will take them. There are a lot of options for college, work, or taking a gap year, and everyone has their own reasons for choosing one. 

It may be important to see the different options before deciding because there is a lot of outside pressure to make certain decisions. Many people may not even know what the possibilities are or what they’re even capable of.  

A senior who’s planning on studying abroad said, “I’m excited to experience something new and meet people from all over the world.” They’ve been looking at colleges from places like Prague, Venice, Holland, and possibly Estonia, although they’re not quite sure about that. But the opportunity is exciting and holds different possibilities while remaining affordable, if not more affordable than the higher education options in America. And while they have yet to decide which school is the best fit, they already know that abroad is what is best for them.

Bella Swope, another senior at Boise High, has found a path taking her all the way to Ithaca, New York, where she will attend Cornell University. Her acceptance into the Ivy league was an incredible success on her part and while she’s nervous to move across the country, she’s really excited to enter the new chapter of her life and meet new people. When asked why she chose to apply to Cornell, Swope said, “I really liked their programs in most fields and because I don’t know what to major in yet. A liberal arts education was very important to me so I would have room to really figure out what I want to do.” Her hard work has definitely come to fruition in this regard, and it will be exciting to see how the “Big Red” life suits her. 

While college is a very common choice for beyond high school, it’s not the limit nor is it the requirement. Corey Slee has decided that work experience is the best choice for him. Since he has already been taking Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) classes at D-Tech, he will receive his CNA certification in April and from then have the opportunity to immediately start working as a nurse at St. Alphonsus. His answer for why he chose to immediately start working instead of going to college is: “I figured I would have a better looking application if I had hospital experience and I also think I would feel more comfortable and knowledgeable during school if I had the experience first.” When thinking beyond high school, this just seemed like the best course for him since traditional school has never been something that has made him happy. Not only that but working with people, caring for others, and making a difference are all things that mean the most to Slee. It may also make the transition of moving to another state less difficult and nursing is where he is in his element. It’s really valuable to see an example of a successful plan that isn’t just college.

In the end, it’s really up to the individual person to make the decision best for them. Whether it’s pursuing the career you care about, chasing new experiences, simply getting the education you need, or saving money, it’s all good.