Is He a Simp, or do you Hate Women?

Is He a Simp, or do you Hate Women?

Ayden Terry, Reporter

While it’s becoming slightly outdated, as all trends do, the term simp still floats by every now and then. When it was at its peak, nobody was safe. If someone were to even glance at a girl without malice, they were swiftly labeled the shameful term. Remember, this is around the same time the phrase “the f in woman stands for funny” was going around like a wildfire. Clearly a man would only ever be caught  laughing at a woman’s joke if he wanted something from her. Not because she’s a human being who may actually be funny. No… never.

Obviously that era is not over. Assuming you could even call misogyny an era. But we do seem to be moving away from those particular jokes and moving on to different ones (unfortunately, hatred for women will always be a problem). Yet, as aforementioned, “simp” refuses to get left behind. 

What is a simp? Well, that would depend on who you ask. A woman might define it as a person who goes overboard to impress a girl. Someone who bends over backwards to get the slightest amount of attention from the object of their attention. Especially when that affection is unreciprocated. 

If you were to ask for the definition from a man on the other hand, it would probably be when a guy chooses his girlfriend over his friends, or he treats her with, heaven forbid, respect. One definition I found stated a simp to be “a slang insult for men who are seen as too attentive and submissive to women”. You know your bro is down bad when he isn’t acting like the alpha male he is. Or when he stops considering his partner to be inferior to him. 

The farther we move from the original usage of the term, which is actually closer to the first provided definition, the more we move into sexist territory. The definition went from going crazy over a person you like, to holding a girl’s hand, to being a decent person to a woman. 

I’m just getting tired of demonizing treating women with respect. And maybe I should just get used to it because this does not seem like something that will go away, but I can’t do that. 

It’s not just a harmless joke. Why would it be okay for a ten year old boy to be seeing an example of how to actually treat a girl he likes and instead of registering that as the correct behavior, he sees it as being a simp. Or otherwise known as something he’d get made fun of for.

It’s not a joke when it comes down to excusing dangerous behaviors. How many girls are still in relationships with men who don’t give them the time of day? Or men who constantly choose their friends over the relationship? Men who refuse to do the bare minimum to help out around the house?

Men and women are equal. People may want to ignore that little fact and live in a world of inequality, but the times are changing so they better get on board. Honestly, if it means treating your partner as an actual partner, be a simp.