A Tea-riffic Yerba Review


Photo Credit: Pinterest

What flavor is your fav?

Sienna Rock, Reporter

Guayaki Organic Yerba Mate is a drink that has been rising in popularity over the years. Not just yerbas specifically, but the tea industry itself is continuing to grow. As an avid Yerba drinker, I decided to rank all of the original flavors: Bluephoria, Lemon Elation, Enlightened Mint, Orange Exuberance, and Revel Berry.

First and foremost, Bluephoria is the best flavor. Out of all five flavors, I’m reaching for this one the most. This tea brings the perfect amount of sweetness without being too much. Tea can easily not be sweet enough, or have enough flavor, however, bluephoria has the perfect amount of flavor. Also, anything blue flavored is always superior. It’s really hard to make something blue taste bad. 

Next on the list is Enlightened Mint. Contrary to what a lot of people think, this one is really good and I live by that. For starters, there isn’t anything bad about it. I’ve heard a lot of people hate this one, but there isn’t really a good reason. It’s a very good tea. It is super refreshing, and similar to Bluephoria, it has just the right amount of flavor. 

Revel Berry is a close third. It falls right under mint, and if someone were to make a compelling argument for it, I would let it take second. It has a similar berry flavor to Bluephoria, but a little bit more tart. Again, there definitely isn’t anything wrong with this tea and I’m always fully content drinking it. It just doesn’t shine as bright as the other two. 

Lemon Elation is next up. This one is still a good tea, it’s just not as great as the other three. Like I talked about earlier, this tea just has slightly not enough flavor and sweetness. However, I do have to give it brownie points because I was expecting to not like this one at all. I’m not a super big lemon fan, and going into it I thought this one was going to be my least favorite. But, it pleasantly surprised me and I definitely still think it’s a good flavor. It just probably won’t drink it as much as I drink the others. 

Last, and easily least, is Orange Exuberance. Now, I know there are a lot of people out there that love this flavor, so this isn’t a diss towards them. Personally, I just really don’t like it. Orange-flavored things are either a hit or miss, and this one falls into the miss category. It isn’t sweet enough, doesn’t have enough flavor and the flavor itself isn’t even that good. Out of all the Yerba Mates, this is probably the only one I won’t drink. 

Rankings aside, Guayaki’s Yerba Mates are delicious. If you’ve never tried one, I highly recommend them. Or maybe even try all of them and figure out which ones you like the best.