How To Get Someone To Fall Head Over Heels For You

If you need a love potion, then this is the love potion for you (

Sophia Chen, Reporter

Getting someone to fall head over heels for you is easier said than done. You could trip them, and then grab their high heels, but that’s not an easy task. I know that you probably need some help. Here are 8 tips that can help you get out of the friend zone, or even better, get you a saucey fiance.

Tip #1: Play hard to get. You have to be confident and know your worth. Everyone knows that people who are single have better lives on average. That’s why if you play hard to get, people will want to date you because they want to ruin your life. Intelligent people only want things that they can’t get, including you. My motto is: Don’t just act like you’re a snack, act like you’re cracked. Be nice, but act uninterested in your crush, and they are sure to fall hard for you.

Tip #2: Be funny. If you are funny, it’s attractive. I personally find funny people unattractive, but my colleagues believe the opposite. Not only should you be funny, but you should pretend to think that your crush is funny. If you laugh at their jokes, they’ll fall in love with you. 

Tip #3: Have BIG, juicy energy and show the boys and the girls that you know what you want. Don’t walk in the room like a normal person, walk in the room exuding confidence. If you’re the elephant in the room, you’re doing it right. You have to show that you’re brave because that’s our mascot.

Tip #4, Flirt with their friends in front of them. I don’t know how to flirt, but my previously unsingle colleagues do. You make suggestive jokes like, “Wow your abs are bussin’.” It’s essential that you play with your hair while talking to them because this is considered hot. When making conversation, try to make flirty, but not creepy eye contact.

Tip #5: Break the physical boundaries. According to one colleague, if your crushes’ necklace is tangled, go up to them and say in a seductive voice, “hey, your necklace is tangled. I’ll fix it for you.” This allows you to get your hands near someone’s chest (not creepy at all). You can also loop your arms through their arms, and that’ll get him blushing real good. Even better, compare hand sizes that way you can have an excuse to touch hands. Shoulder taps are great too. Shoulder taps are when you tap someone’s shoulder a lot.

Tip #6: Don’t wear a hoodie to school on cold days. Tell the one you have your eyes on, “I’m cold. Burrr.” Because you are totally not manipulative at all, your crush will give you a hoodie. Even Albert Einstein couldn’t have thought that up. 

Tip #7: When you’re in a group or a conversation circle, try to always stand next to your sig fig. I suggest that you be a little bit suggestive if you know what I mean (according to colleagues). For instance, you could compliment their lucious, lofty, Lamborghini, eyes. I’d say, “Wow those eyes are so beautiful. They look like beautiful bubbly bobas.”

Tip #8: Be available, but not too available. You need to show that you’re independent and don’t need anyone to thrive and be alive. If you’re too available, you won’t appear to be the deluxe gem that you are. If you want to convey that you’re available, just say,”I’m single, but it’s because I have standards.” Although your crush will think you’re a horrible person, it’s okay because people are attracted to horrible personalities. 

I’ve never tried any of these tips, but they probably work. Also, always remember that it’s okay to be single like a pringle and ready to mingle. No one’s going to judge you. So with these 8 tipsy tips, you can get your crush to fall head over heels for you before summer break arrives.