The Aftermath of Sophomore Elections


These Sophomore student council representatives (and Tyson Russell) are BRAVE leaders that make Boise High a great place. From left: Tyson Russell, Lucy Russell, Stella Swanson, and Sam Patterson.

Sophia Chen, Managing Reporter

Sophomore elections are a time of competition, rivalry, and tears. It’s a defining moment that will determine who becomes the Sophomore class representatives. These individuals work diligently to ensure that Boise High is a great place for students, and thanks to them, students get to enjoy fun and fresh school events. Most students don’t have the guts to run for a Student Council (STUCO) position, especially because these individuals must give a speech to the entire Sophomore class in the auditorium. After all of the votes were cast, the results were out: Lucy Russell became President, Stella Swanson became Vice President, and Sam Patterson became Ambassador. 

Undoubtedly, all three of these Sophomores worked hard to earn their positions. Stella Swanson (the V.P) stated, “I think what helped me get this position was getting my name around and posting on social media.” Before the elections, her campaign posters were sweeping across the school hallways, which helped to spread her name. 

Although these Sophomore leaders hold important duties in school, they still have passions outside of it. Sam plays volleyball for the Strike Volleyball Club and when asked what his favorite thing about himself was, Sam answered, “My height”. He’s a staggering 6’ 2’’, which is a great accomplishment.

Some of Lucy’s passions include, “skiing, biking, playing tennis, and hanging out with friends.” She also stated, “Another thing that I care a lot about, which I talked about in my speech, is helping people. This is part of the reason why I wanted to be on the student council, so I can help our whole class have a good year.” Her passion for helping people will serve Boise High well.

Strangely enough, many students don’t know what happens during the Student Council 4th-period class. Well, in the class, the students must cooperate with one another to plan all of the school events. This includes dances, Club Rush, and more. According to Lucy, “During class time, everyone works on planning events that are coming up, making videos to advertise the events, and much more.” More importantly, the student council is part of the hype squad,  “we stand there and get the student section hyped up by doing chants for our sports teams.” Thanks to the student council, as well as other students, the spirit at Boise High is unparalleled.

But what’s more unparalleled? The fact that Lucy Russell’s older brother, Tyson Russell, is the current Junior President. It’s almost as if the awesomeness runs in the family. “I think it is so fun to be on the student council with her, and it is also pretty funny that we are both presidents,” said Tyson. By contrast, when asked what her thoughts were on Tyson, Lucy said, “He’s alright”. 

Just like how Tyson looks up to Lucy, every great ambassador needs someone to look up to. For Sam, it’s none other than Neala Magill. “I probably look up to Neala Magill the most right now. Somehow she does all of her homework and does it all on time”.

It’s only been a few weeks of school, but it’s already clear that Boise High is in great hands. These Sophomores are prepared to make Boise High an exciting and wonderful place.