What’s Starting to Show? Boise Continues to Grow!


Photo Credit: Live A Wilder Life

Boise’s growth is no joke.

Tyler Weiss, Reporter

You may think that there isn’t anything growing faster than Boise High’s students’ love for the school. Now, while their passion continues to increase substantially, the city of Boise’s growth might be just as remarkable. 


You don’t want to believe me? Well, look at the numbers. According to a report from Inspection Support Network, Boise has the 3rd highest growth rate in the United States among midsized metros, building 43 new homes for every 1,000 existing homes. More than triple the national average of 12.5. 


What is the cause of Boise’s growth? The first student candidate for a Boise School District seat, Shiva Rajbhandari, a Boise citizen and currently a Boise High senior, can answer that question. “I think people are moving here because it’s an awesome place to live,” Rajbhandari stated, “there’s incredible access to open space, it’s a vibrant, wholesome community, and people know they are welcome.” When asked for his opinion on the growth of Boise, he explained, “we often look at growth in Boise as a bad thing, and it certainly presents its challenges; but there are benefits to growth as well: we’re getting an In & Out soon, we’re attracting more good employers, more big bands perform in the area, etc.”


The capital city of Idaho continues to grow day by day. At this rate, we might have to consider being home to a professional sports team. Okay, that may be an over-exaggeration, but the point still stands. Boise’s growth is no joke.