Boise High Fall Sports Rundown


Photo Credit: Sienna Rock

Boise High Fall Sports are back and better than ever!

Sienna Rock, Editor-in-Chief

Welcome back Boise Brave! School’s back in session and that means so are fall sports! Football, boys and girls’ soccer, cheer and dance, volleyball, swimming, golf and cross country are all back. Boise High sports are one of the most prominent and exciting traditions this school has. Whether you are playing or not, sports, games and activities can be one of the most enjoyable things here at Boise High. Whether it’s dressing up in brave merch, chanting “Boise brave to the grave!”, or anything in between, sports have built the culture at Boise High. 

This year, all of our sports teams are gearing up to have an awesome season. When asked “What are you most excited for this upcoming season?”, Kaden Helder, varsity cross country runner, responds with “I think we are going to put a lot of people on notice this year. And I think we are gonna surprise a lot of people across the whole state…” Our teams are ecstatic to come back, reclaim titles, and show other schools what the Brave is made of. 

Our coaches here at Boise High are a huge part of the teams. Daniel Hirai, varsity wing for the boy’s soccer team, explains just how important coaches are. He says, “Our coaches influence us to want to become better players, making sure we are doing good in school, and that we are being good people.” We have coaches that are staff members here at Boise High and coaches that are just here to help make the teams better and coach the sport they love. Both help create the amazing teams we have and help players on and off the field. 

Playing a sport, or even going to watch a game, is a really good way to connect with people and build friendships. When asked “What is your favorite part about playing a sport?” Sydney Williams, setter for the JV Volleyball team, responds with, “Meeting new people, especially in club season. It’s really fun making new connections and those friendships last a long time.” Sports have a way of pulling people together and this year’s fall sports are no exceptions. 

With the 9 different sports teams that we have here at Boise High, most having a Varsity and JV team, there are sporting events almost every day of the week. Boise High’s sports teams are an integral part of the Brave identity and fall sports help set a precedent for the rest of the year.