The Death of the Choco Taco


The Choco Taco at a press conference, discussing its discontinuation. (Klondikebar Twitter Account)

Andie Nickels, Reporter

Democracy has forsaken us, and we must now mourn the loss of the Choco Taco.  


The Choco Taco consisted of a waffle cone ‘taco shell’ filled with vanilla and fudge swirled ice cream and dipped in chocolate and peanuts. It was commonly sold in grocery stores and ice cream trucks, and was a staple of many children’s childhoods, including mine.  


Despite the product being discontinued in late July, Klondike’s online website still displays the Choco Taco as a product, but with a revised description. “Over the past 2 years, we have experienced an unprecedented spike in demand across our portfolio and have had to make very tough decisions to ensure availability of our full portfolio nationwide.” The company stated,“A necessary but unfortunate part of this process is that we sometimes must discontinue products, even a beloved item like Choco Taco. We know this may be very disappointing.” 


Many celebrities also reacted negatively to the news. Chris Murphy, the United States senator of Connecticut, retweeted People Magazine’s article about the discontinuation. “NEWS: Tomorrow I am introducing legislation to invoke the Defense Production Act to mandate the continued manufacture of Choco Tacos. Please call your Senator and demand they co-sponsor.” 


“If Choco Tacos are gone, what’s next? Hershey Pies? Salt and vinegar potato chips? Baseball? AMERICAN DEMOCRACY? I tell you: this is how it starts,” tweeted Stephen King, author of horror books It, Carrie, and Pet Sematary


Many people were worried, including myself, that the discontinuation was actually a staged public event created to increase demand and charge higher prices. Why would a company discontinue one of their highest-revenue products instead of a less-liked treat? 


The increase in demand became apparent after many people noted how much the Choco Taco is currently being sold for on resale sites. A four-count package of the tasty treat sold for $3.27 at Walmart before the discontinuation. They now sell on websites like eBay for over $100.


Klondike’s Twitter account posted a picture of a Choco Taco edited to look as if it were at a press conference. “I want to address the rumors: I’m really being discontinued, it’s not a PR stunt. I knew you loved me, but not THIS much. While I reflect on this outpouring of support, we are discussing next steps, including what to do with the last 912 (we counted) tacos at HQ. Stay tuned…” The caption read. 


The astronomical amount of backlash over the discontinuation also became apparent after Klondike changed their automated message for the company’s phone number. “If you are calling to share feedback about the discontinuation of the Choco Taco, press two.” The new message says, as tested by myself. Given the fact that it was discontinued over a month ago attests to the amount of discontentment people have had, seeing as it still exists as of August 30th. 


While Klondike’s decision was a poor one indeed, we can still hold out hope for the potential comeback of the frozen goodie in the future. Hopefully, the remaining 912 tacos will spur the company into making more. 


And if you want to test it out for yourself, or complain to Klondike, the company’s number is 1-800-931-2830. Remember to press 2!