Welcoming Boise High’s New Staff


Mr.Goff, Astronomy and Physics, teacher looking into the stars. Photographer: Maryam Al Janabi

Maryam Al Janabi, Reporter

Boise High has recruited many new staff members with a good year ahead of us. From a brand new learning coach to a recent AP Government teacher, they teach all different subjects from a brand new learning coach to a new Physics teacher. Who are they, and why did they choose Boise High? 

Mr. Goff, the new Astronomy and Physics teacher, picked Boise High because he was hired and lived in the neighborhood. His Earth Science teachers got him hooked on science, and he’s always had a huge passion for teaching physics, astronomy, and chemistry. His favorite part of teaching is working with teenagers; “It’s a wild ride. Fun, challenging, weird, and incredible,” He says. When asked about the best part of teaching, he says he teaches problematic concepts like stoichiometry, acceleration, or kinematics. When the students can show him with confidence they understand and can do it, it’s the best part of teaching, in his opinion. Mr. Goff is excited to teach the students here, and they’re excited to have him.

Ms. Warnock, as the new learning coach, was placed at Boise High. A learning coach provides academic support, motivation, and guidance throughout the school year. Initially an English teacher, she wanted to share her love for literature with everyone. She says it’s a bit difficult because not everyone likes that subject, “The best part of teaching is the relationship with the kids,” She mentions when asked why she enjoys teaching.

Finally, Mr. Bousquet started as a coach in wrestling for five years at Boise High. This year, he joined the teaching staff as the Government and AP Government teacher. Why did he choose Government? “I want to say I got into government because I liked it. I did, but what made me pursue it is my high school teachers made me feel welcomed.” Mr. Bousquet says. In his opinion, the best part of teaching is helping students get through their hard times and allowing them to have a better day. He’s most excited to see the culture change athletically since football and wrestling have grown significantly. He’s also happy to see how he grows here. Boise High recruited these great teachers and more. With a promising staff and a good year, the school’s eager to welcome new people to its team.