New Hot Songs From Iceland


The cover art for Björk’s album Fossora (©2022 One Little Independent)

Brian Dyer, Social Media Editor

After nearly 5 years since her previous record Utopia, Icelandic singer-songwriter Björk has started releasing singles again for her next highly-anticipated album Fossora. But who is Björk, and why are so many people interested in her next project?

Björk has quite the reputation in the music industry, with each of her albums receiving critical acclaim and commercial success. Her albums Homogenic and Vespertine are considered some of the greatest albums of all time for her experimentation with electronica, jazz, art-pop, avant-garde, and trip-hop music. It would be an understatement to say that she has some experience in the music industry. But are these singles as good as her previous triumphs?

The first single, “Atopos”, was released on September 6th. It’s an intense song that combines electronic music with pulsating clarinets. Many of the rhythms are staccato, with very articulated and acute beats on drums, making the track sound harsh and fervent. According to Björk, the song is about the irrelevance of differences between two people in a relationship.

The second single, “Ovule”, came out on September 14th. The song has a prominent trombone section and glitch-pop percussion. Once the song starts to pick up, it becomes a fusion of both reggaeton and jazz, with some typical hip-hop drum loops. Overall, the song feels grand and spectacular, as if it’s the theme for the greatest awards ceremony in the universe.

The third single, “Ancestress”, released on September 22nd. The song contains heavy amounts of strings, and includes backing vocals from Björk’s son Sindri Eldon. This track sounds like Björk holding a ritualistic celebration. According to Björk, the song is meant to be a tribute to her mother, who passed away four years ago in 2018. Of the three singles, this one is clearly the most emotionally-driven, due to Björk’s excellent vocal performance

As per usual, all three of these songs include excellent and passionate vocals from Björk. Just like her previous albums, she excellently combines elements from multiple different genres, like electronica, jazz, and glitch-pop. Her music transcends our world in terms of feeling, as if the Earth was warned by a universal threat.

It will certainly be interesting to see what path the album takes with its other songs. If the rest of the project is just as good as these two singles, we may have yet another pop masterpiece by Björk.