Breaking Away From The Monarchy

A tribute in Durban, South America for the Queen.

Photo Credit: Rajesh Jantila, CNN

A tribute in Durban, South America for the Queen.

Sienna Rock, Editor-in-Chief

With the Queen’s passing,  England has started mourning her death by canceling schools, wearing all black, and delievering gifts to important places of the Queen. However, the rest of the world seems to have a much different reaction to the Queen’s death. Many countries around the world have done the exact opposite of mourning, and instead have been celebrating. 

India is a prime example of a country with mixed reactions. News of the Queen’s passing spread quickly throughout India. However, it subsided just as quickly and there were many muted reactions. Many countries sent their head of government to attend the funeral, but India’s prime minister, Narendra Modi, did not attend. England’s monarchy and colonial rule had an arguably everlasting effect on India. For many people in India, the Queen’s death represents the end of the corrupt era. Many Indians still had resentment towards her for not fixing some of the problems they had faced as a result of the colonization. This created the idea that the Queen’s death wasn’t necessarily something to be upset about. 

Kenya had a somewhat similar reaction. Although Kenya’s president, William Ruto, did attend the funeral, most of the Kenyan population had a flat response. Some people argue that the Queen was a big part of their life, as they watched her grow up and navigate the monarchy. However, similar to India, she was also a painful reminder of their harsh past. The Mau Mau rebellion, which was in response to the concentration camps and tourture Kenyans were facing, started at the beginning of the Queen’s reign. 

Jamaica was another British colony. Nonetheless, their reaction was much different to those of Kenya and India. The Queen was crowned a decade before Jamaica gained independence. Despite this, many Jamaicans loved the Queen, even if they didn’t love the monarchy. People across the country woke up to watch the Queen’s funeral and send-off, which due to the time change was at 3:30 a.m. However, now that she is gone, there is going to be a lot of controversy over what happens next. Many countries across the world that looked at the Queen as their head of state are thinking about breaking off from England and cutting ties. 

Ireland seems to have the most elated reaction out of all the former British colonies. Ireland has bitterness towards Britain and there was controversy long before the Queen’s passing. Ireland has a history of violence and issues as a result of British colonization. Great Britain had political and military intervention there for almost 800 years. Many people blame the Queen for the famine and issues Ireland faced, regardless of not being in reign for a lot of their issues. The Irish have used Queen Elizabeth as a scapegoat and it has resulted in them being excited instead of grieving. 

The Queen’s death wasn’t as black and white as it may have seemed. It has opened up different possibilities for the future and has led to many questioning the British Monarchy. This is only the beginning of change, not only to England, but to countries around the globe.