London Bridge Has Fallen


Zelda Fishman, Editor-in-Chief

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II died on September 8, 2022. After 70 years of reigning, she has seen 15 Prime Ministers of England, 14 U.S. presidents, and a major shift in culture throughout England and the World. But, how does her passing affect her subjects who reside in England? 

After she died, her casket was taken to Westminster Hall in London where the public could pay their respects and visit. Millions of people lined up for hours while the line stretched upwards to 12 miles long throughout London. People were persistent to go pay their respects to the late Queen because, in their opinion, she was a figurehead that people could rely on to be steady and consistent.

Needless to say, The death of Queen Elizabeth II hit closer to home in England as there were displays of affection and condolences at every turn. Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, and Windsor Castle are all places dear to the late Queen’s heart and now, there are outpoors flowers, gifts, and other small trinkets at the gates of each establishment. 

Britain is fighting a deep-rooted economic crisis at the moment and it was all put on pause to mourn the Queen’s passing. Even a critical decision on inflation in the Bank of England was postponed for a week. Stores and shops were closed because of her passing which inevitably took a toll on the economy as well. Some speculate that the passing and all processions leading up to the funeral were in a way trying to divert attention from the dire economic situation. 

The Queen’s funeral and events leading up to the funeral were all state-funded, using tax-payers money to give the longest reigning monarch a funeral fit for a Queen. Hundreds of world leaders attended the funeral at Windsor Castle, along with all the Queen’s children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. But as the lavish funeral went on, the general public drew attention to royal spending as the funeral spared no expense. Estimates put the cost of the Queen’s funeral combined with King Charle’s coronation upwards of $6 billion U.S. dollars. The views of the public in England vary, some thinking and acknowledging that the royal family is important and are valuable figureheads. Others don’t see the importance and it’s a waste of their tax money.