Fun Activities to Fill Your Fall Days


Photo Credit: Sienna Rock

Bogus Basin has great views all year long, not just during the ski season.

Sienna Rock, Editor-in-Chief

The temperatures are finally dropping and fall has started. As Boise starts to fill with alluring arrays of red, orange, and yellow, there are many ways to soak up these beautiful sights and enjoy classic fall activities. 

Whether it’s Boise High, Boise State, or your favorite NFL team, football is a must. As autumn starts to take over, so does football. Boise High’s football games always have a theme and bring the entire student body together. Albertsons Stadium is a quick drive or walk away. And if you are only into the NFL, restaurants across the city show games throughout the day. 

The Boise Foothills and Camel’s Back Park are great places to take in autumn’s beauty. There are trails all throughout the foothills that are covered in trees and stunning scenery. Going on hikes or bike rides up Camel’s Back is a great way to get fresh air and some exercise. Or if you are looking for a more relaxed day, Boise is covered in trees that make great places to go hammocking or picnicking. 

Pumpkin patches and carving pumpkins are one of the longest standing Halloween and fall traditions. Due to the abundance of land and corn fields Idaho has, there are many pumpkin patches and farms, including places like Farmstead and Linder Farms. Going to a pumpkin patch can bring other fun activities, like carving pumpkins and roasting pumpkin seeds. 

Although it isn’t ski season yet, Bogus Basin is another place to take in Boise’s beautiful landscapes. For bikers, this is a perfect place to get in the mountains and enjoy the view. It can also be a great place to go on hikes or to just enjoy the drive up. These past weeks the weather has been perfect to enjoy a trip up to Bogus. 

Although some might think that Quinn’s Pond is only a summer place, it still can be a place to hangout during autumn. The array of leaves and colors mixed with the pond creates dazzling fall views. Also, it’s the perfect place to watch sunsets because the sun reflects across the pond. It’s another really good place to go bike riding or have a picnic. 

Idaho is an amazing example of a picture perfect fall and these are just a few examples of the fall activities Boise has to offer. So, soak up Autumn while it is here, before snow replaces the falling leaves and temperatures drop to freezing.