Baiza Is Back


Photo Credit: Taelyn Baiza

One of Taelyn’s most recent pieces, a self portrait.

Sienna Rock, Editor-in-Chief

For this October issue of Boise Highlights, we have the amazing Taeyln Baiza showing off her skills as an artist. Taeyln did last year’s October cover art and this year we had to have her back. Taelyn’s creation fits perfectly into our theme, “Falling Into Place”. The vibrant scenery really captures how dazzling Autumn can be. 

Taelyn loves hiking, mountain biking, and any activity that involves being outdoors. She tries to reflect her love for nature in her drawings. She has created pieces of the Boise River, Rocky Mountains, and other drawings that display her favorite parts of being outdoors. 

Although she usually does landscapes, she recently did a self-portrait of her running. She explains that she generally doesn’t do pieces about herself, but this one was really cool and she got to learn more about herself when creating it. 

Not only has Taelyn tried different perspective and forms of art, but she also has improved in many ways. She explains, “I’ve gotten a lot better at design composition and using colors really well.”

With most of her creations, she uses colored pencils because they are vibrant and help bring her drawings to life. However, she hopes to try using oil paints and get more into painting. She says, “I feel like they would make some really cool nature pieces, and it seems super fun.” 

Not only is Taelyn an amazing artist, but she also is very involved in the Boise High community. She does track and cross country. Additionally, she is on the student council. Taeyln explains that being a part of the student council is awesome because she gets to meet new people and it brings together students from all over the school. She enjoys planning events and coming up with activities to improve Boise High. She says, “It’s been super cool and very rewarding. I think we do a lot of positive work.” One of her specific projects is doing the announcements, and next year she is going to take over the student council Instagram account. 

Taeyln Baiza is an incredible artist and an example of what Boise High stands for. Boise Highlights is so happy to have her back and is proud to feature her drawing in this month’s issue.