Hot Take on a Hot Slice


Zelda Fishman, Editor-in-Chief

There is no greater joy than getting that hot slice of pizza with cheese beautifully melted onto a smooth, tangy tomato sauce atop a crunchy, yet slightly charred dough. But, where to purchase this magnificent creation with the best quality, price, and overall experience? Well, I’m here to tell you exactly that. 

Now obviously there are many, many different places you can get a slice of ‘za in the Treasure Valley. But there are few places, in my opinion, that really give me a little more than just satisfaction. Now, starting from the bottom up, the worst to the best: Pie Hole. I know this is a fan favorite, but, every time I have had their pizza, which is quite a few, there have been incidents. Once, the cheese came off all in one bite and I choked. Another time, I ordered a slice of plain cheese, which I thought was safe, but there was no sauce. I’ve been disappointed too many times by Pie Hole. Some positives of Pie Hole include that it’s located in a prime location downtown, they have a good variety of flavors and types, and they are open very late at night which can be convenient when nothing else is available. Overall experience: 5/10.

One significant step up is Guido’s. This restaurant is very sentimental to me because my family went there a lot when I was a small child. But recently, it hasn’t been hitting as hard as it used to. This is disappointing, not only because the pizza is lower quality than I expected, but also because I know that Guido’s has the potential to make a very scrumptious slice. Unfortunately, I would have to call this unfulfilled potential. Guido’s is also very conveniently located which is great for on-the-go slices. The best part about Guido’s Pizza is when you eat it when it’s still burn-your-tongue-hot. Although you might lose some taste buds, it is the best way to eat Guido’s Pizza. Personally, I like pepperoni or vegetable pizza specifically, they are the most flavorful and fulfilling options in my opinion. Overall experience: 7/10.

On the top of my list is Lulu’s. Located on the edge of the Highlands, this pizza place takes my number one spot. The atmosphere of the restaurant is vibrant, with art for sale along the walls, as well as a sushi bar included. Now, truth be told, I have never had sushi here just because I am a little wary of sushi in Idaho, considering we are landlocked. The pizza on the other hand is the perfect balance between grease, flavor, and charring on the bottom of the crust. I normally get the barbeque chicken which is not an on-brand order for me, as I’m normally classified as a pepperoni-type girl. However, this pizza has won me over. It’s tangy, salty, and has a touch of sweetness. It’s slightly higher in price than the other two locations, but to me, it is worth it. Overall experience: 9.5/10

I hope that the next time you’re looking for a nice steamy slice of pizza, you will take into consideration my wisdom and expertise. Whether it’s an on-the-go slice or a 3-stop taste test, you can see for yourself if you agree with my hot pizza takes. I bid you the best of luck on your personal pizza endeavors.