Appreciation Nation

Sophia Chen, Managing Reporter

“Appreciation can make a day, even change a life. Your willingness to put it all into words is all that is necessary.” – Margaret Cousins.

The high school life is brutal and demanding. In this day and age, students face overwhelming tsunamis of stress and anxiety. With the stressful environment that school and other activities provide, students often struggle to stay afloat. Luckily, we have life jackets – the people and things that provide us life and love when we feel like we’re drowning. Sometimes, taking the time to recognize these things can make a big difference in the way we live.

“Gratitude is important because it helps you recognize the good things you have in life and be able to enjoy them more.” – Lauren Gee.

It also lifts us up, keeps us in the present moment, lessens our anxiety, and gives us the motivation to keep fighting. The students of Boise High shared their thoughts on the things that they appreciate.

“I appreciate my family the most. They are always supporting me and making me happy.” – Anonymous student.

Good parents provide care and support. They want what’s best for you, even when they don’t know what’s best for you. Siblings listen to you, joke around with you, and treasure you. You share life’s adventures and moments with them. For many students, their family is where they are most appreciated and accepted. They are a source of light and happiness.

“I appreciate my friends because they understand me and can support me even when my family or other adults can’t or won’t.” – Anonymous student.

True friends care about you and are always there for you. They are like diamonds – rare but precious. They believe in you, listen to you, and endure the good and bad times with you. A lot of students agree that their friends are the ones that they appreciate the most. Without friends, life isn’t as fun.

“I appreciate teachers who understand that no one’s life is the same and that we can’t always do exactly what is asked or meet every expectation” – Anonymous student.

“I appreciate education because you get opportunities that other people can’t get in other places in the world.” – Shabnam Abdul Nasir.

Although students routinely complain about school, under the surface, they value their teachers and coaches. Great teachers and coaches can completely alter a student’s life. They teach us everyday, whilst providing entertainment and encouragement. They are a thousand times more powerful than Superman.

“I appreciate our principal. I think he is really nice. I appreciate the school’s lunch staff. They are always nice to us.” – Anonymous student

There are also those who often go unnoticed, working in the background to improve student’s days. Take the school’s lunch staff, who work hard every day to feed students. As well as the janitors, who keep Boise High nice and clean, especially the bathrooms.

“They greet me at my door after a hard day at school, and it makes me happy.” – Student.

Several students are grateful for their pets. From ducks to dogs, pets are adorable and great listeners. Like magicians, they don’t even have to do anything, yet they can magically transform a terrible day into a not so bad one.

“I appreciate good people. Good people can make your day instantly better.” – Anonymous Student.

Good people lift others up. Students report that even miniscule acts of kindness like holding open the door, helping others out, actively engaging in conversation, and giving authentic compliments can completely elevate someone’s day. As they say, no act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.

“I appreciate the smell of rain” – Noah Streif.

For many, nature is cathartic, beautiful, and relaxing. There are an infinite amount of things to love about nature.

“I appreciate sports because they give me an outlet for my frustrations, and I appreciate music because it helps me cope through my emotions.” – Anonymous Student

Just like nature, sports, art, and music often provide an escape for students. These activities are fun and allow students to clear their head. They give students passion and motivate them in other aspects of their lives. The students at Boise High have so many things that they are appreciative of, but in the wise words of John F. Kennedy,

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”