Sammy Smith: Who I Want to be When I Grow Up


Zelda Fishman, Editor-in-Chief

Sammy Smith is currently a junior here at Boise High. She runs cross country and track, plays on the soccer team, and skis while simultaneously keeping up  with a rigorous course load. Recently she was selected to play on the US U17 World Cup team which is one of the most prestigious soccer teams in the world. She defies and exceeds expectations with what appears to be no end in sight.

To get on the team is a multi-year process. She says, “There have been national team camps that I’ve been going to since 8th grade.” This process includes getting scouted to go to these camps, then, when you’re there, only the top girls get selected for these prestigious teams. Because the process takes so long, she says that most of the girls come back year after year. So, she has formed friendships with elite soccer players across the country. “I knew everyone except for one girl going into the World Cup, which was nice.”

When the team was set to be announced, Smith didn’t expect to make the teams, as she didn’t attend one of the camps this summer. But, when the head coach called her and informed her that she made the team, she was ecstatic. She said, “the head coach called me and asked if I have gotten my Typhoid vaccine yet, and I responded no, and he said well you better get it because you’re coming to India!” 

Smith said that the team spent 10 days in Dubai training and practicing before the tournament and then went to Goa, India for the actual competition. In the first game, the US team played India where they beat them 8-0. Then, they went on to play Brazil who they tied 1-1. Then, to play Morocco where they beat them 4-0. Smith scored two goals in this game, which were her two firsts of the tournament. Finally, they went on to play Nigeria where they tied 1-1 and went to a penalty shootout. They were so close to a win but unfortunately, Nigeria scored one more goal than them. Although it wasn’t the outcome they were hoping for, the athletes played hard and left it all out on the field. 

Smith said that being in India was like no other experience she’s had before. “We weren’t allowed to drink the tap water or eat fresh vegetables because the water wasn’t clean enough for us to drink. I guess I never realized how much I cherish being able to put my toothbrush under a faucet to brush my teeth instead of having to pour bottled water on it.” She says that now being back she’s definitely been more conscious and grateful for the privileged life we lead in the United States. 

Smith has a bright future ahead of her which is an indisputable fact. She recently went on an official visit to UCLA for soccer and hopes to go on visits to Stanford, Duke, and Harvard as well. She says that she also wants to continue a skiing career, so choosing a path that provides both options for her is important along with a great education to go along with her athletic pursuits. Boise High congratulates Sammy on all her accomplishments and the Boise community can’t wait to see what she’ll do next!