Lady Brave Seek Redemption After Last Season’s Loss


Can Avery Howell (23) and Boise win a state title? (SB Live)

Tyler Weiss, Reporter

On February 19, 2022, the Boise Braves Girls Basketball team fell just short of a state championship, losing 35-36 to the Timberline Wolves. Eight months later, the team is looking to redeem themselves and claim what they felt was rightfully theirs, a state title.  


A big contributor to their success will be junior Avery Howell, who has been recognized as the top player in Idaho. When asked how she felt about being recognized with this title, Howell explained, “It felt really good as a reward for all the hard work I have been putting in.” 


After a heartbreaking loss in any sport, it’s normal for players to have a bitter taste in their mouths for months. However, Avery Howell is clearly not just your average player when it comes to her play and mindset. “I am not still looking back on last year’s state championship game. I used it as a main motivator for a while and it was useful for a little bit, but I have moved on and learned many lessons from the game.” A takeaway from this response is that she is choosing to grow from last year’s loss instead of dwelling on it.


Basketball is a team sport, so Howell isn’t just focused on personal success. “For my team and me I want us to win a state championship, get closer, build great chemistry throughout the season, and have fun.”


Like Howell, everyone on the Girls Basketball team is looking to win a state championship. On paper, they have the recipe for success; talent and a championship mindset. The whole school will be rooting for them too, expect Boise to be well represented at every game with one of the best student sections in Idaho. They might be more determined than ever, and if they’re as good as they were last season when they were 2 points away, it’s easy to see why some could be confident about their chances this season.