How Wild is Wyld Child?


Zelda Fishman, Editor-in-Chief

Wyld Child is a brand new restaurant that has opened recently on the bench of Boise. It is under the same ownership as other restaurants in the Treasure Valley such as Certified Kitchen and Bakery, The Wylder, and the Roosevelt Market. All of the restaurants under this ownership umbrella provide great, quality food and Wyld Child is no exception. 

The menu offered is quite limited with only 8 entreés and 4 side dishes. I got a Crispy Chicken sandwich and my parents split the Wyld Style Chicken sandwich. We paired it with an order of french fries with Aji Verde sauce. Honestly, the sandwich was enough food that you could split it with someone and still be sufficiently full. On mine, there were pickles, swiss, sweet onions, iceberg lettuce, and malt vinegar aioli. I thought that the pickles added a nice acidity to the sandwich but the chicken was definitely at the forefront. I tasted my parents’ sandwich and it consisted of Peruvian spiced fried chicken, aji verde sauce, shaved cabbage, and escabeche slaw. The shaved cabbage and the slaw really balanced out the heaviness of the fried chicken which in my opinion made for a better sandwich of the two. 

The price point that Wyld Child hits is a little bit more than a fast food restaurant’s fried chicken sandwich, but the quality that Wyld Child provides makes their sandwich more worth it in my opinion. They advertise their restaurant as “An approachable price point” and I really think that this is accurate. My sandwich was $10.99 and my parents’ was $11.99. The fries we ordered were $4.50 and with the addition of the sauce was another 0.50¢. 

The atmosphere of the restaurant was very laid back and calm. There was indoor and outdoor seating which was really nice. Although the outdoor seating is just pulled off of Latah, which can be a pretty busy street. Wyld Child shares this outdoor space with two other restaurants, Push and Pour and The Stil Ice Cream. I thought this was great because you didn’t have to leave the area to get dessert or if you’re of age, an adult beverage. 

Overall, Wyld Child is a great restaurant with fresh, affordable food. It’s definitely approachable for all age groups. I would recommend going and giving it a try!