Lessons Beyond the Classroom


Photo Credit: Scott Looney

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Sienna Rock, Editor-in-Chief

Although students spend most of their time at school and with teachers, we only really get a snapshot of their lives. Mr. Looney, one of our U.S. History and Academic Support teachers, is a prime example of a teacher whose stories and lessons stretch much further than the classroom. Mr. Looney has enough stories to fill hundreds of pages, literally. This fall, he will be publishing his first book and sharing lessons he has learned throughout his life. 

Mr. Looney has had many grand adventures throughout his life and wanted to consolidate and share them in the form of a book. As he navigated through transitions and change in his life, he used travel and exploration as a form of therapy. Although he has always been a fan of exploring, the big changes in his life are what created a deeper love for traveling and using it as an escape. He explains, “travel has given me a really good, fresh perspective and positive outlook on things.” He wanted to use his book as a way to communicate his story and help others that might be going through big changes in their lives. 

Being a teacher, Mr. Looney has had the opportunity to share some of his stories with his students and others in the community. However, he hasn’t gotten to share all of them with everyone. This is one super exciting factor in publishing a book, being able to share adventures with as many people as possible. He mentions, “I’m excited to have people see a different side of me, outside of school.” He also explains that his book shows a very vulnerable side of himself and he opens up in a different light. 

When publishing the book, Mr. Looney explains that there was a lot to get used to because it was a new process for him. When selecting a publisher, Mr. Looney went with a hybrid publisher. They helped him navigate editing the book, coming up with a cover design, and more. He explains that it has been a good and fun process. Another important factor in publishing is picking a title that accurately reflects the book and its meaning. Because of this, Mr. Looney is still working on the title, making sure that it conveys the purpose of the book as best as possible. 

As of right now, the book doesn’t have a set release date. However, it should be coming out before the end of the year. If any students or staff are interested in getting the book, it will be available on Amazon. Mr. Looney will also be setting up a personal website where you can purchase the book and get it autographed by him. This book has something for everyone and Mr. Looney will love any and all support from the Boise High community!