The Impact of Video Broadcasting (and Fynn Erman)


The Legendary Fynn Erman (Fynn Erman)

Tyler Weiss, Reporter

A common tradition at Boise High is the video announcements. The announcements are usually shown at the beginning of 2nd period and are very popular amongst the students at Boise High. These announcements cover sports, remind students of important upcoming events, spread important messages, provide entertainment, and more. The people behind the scenes of the video announcements are the Boise High video broadcasting class, led by none other than the legendary senior Fynn Erman.


Fynn Erman is a household name at Boise High and everyone is just dying to know all about him, including his relationship status. When asked if he is single or not, Fynn said “my girlfriend said I can’t answer that.” Unfortunately for many people at Boise high, it looks like the answer to that question is no. On the bright side, however, you have the opportunity to be more like Fynn by choosing to take video broadcasting. This decision is recommended by him as well. “I would recommend video to anyone who wants to express their creativity or acting skills.” Erman explains, “There is money to be made in video broadcasting, so if you’re chasing the bag, sign up for video broadcasting.”


As a student who is taking video broadcasting, Fynn is a key contributor to the morning announcements which is something he enjoys a lot. “My favorite aspect of video broadcasting is being able to be expressive and creative for a grade rather than just in my free time,” he stated. Despite his passion for video broadcasting, an interesting thing to note is that it’s actually his second favorite class. “I think my favorite class is student council. I feel more accomplished impacting the school through stu co work rather than ‘funny man video,’ video broadcasting is a close second though.” A man of many talents, this adds more dimension to the truly remarkable Fynn Erman. 


Video broadcasting is a very important part of Boise high. We, as students, have Fynn and everyone who is a part of that class to thank for that.