Woe For Wednesday


Wednesday´s insane dance scene. Her flawless facial expressions and quirky/slightly off putting dance scene was definitely the highlight of the show. (menshealth.com)

Sophia Chen, Managing Reporter

The new Netflix show Wednesday has been blowing up the internet recently, as well as everyone’s mind. Sure, it’s not the biggest banger in the world, but for a Netflix original show, I’d say that it’s pretty dang good. If you haven’t finished the show I’m warning you. This review is going to have some pretty major spoilers.

The show opens with Wednesday Addams dumping piranhas in a swimming pool to get harm and potentially kill a bully. She gets expelled, so Wednesday’s parents force her into attending Nevermore, a school full of supernatural outcasts. From there, Wednesday must confront several of the uncanny mysteries in the town, Jericho. 

Being the critic I am, I have very high standards when it comes to shows, and this show hit the bullet through those standards. One aspect that made me very happy was that every episode title had a play on words with the word “woe” in it. On top of that, the character Wednesday herself is captivating and iconic. I´ll admit, she has some not so good traits. For one, she is a psychotic stalker who endangers other people 24/7. Nevertheless, she has many redeeming attributes. She’s brave, cunning, confident, creative, and a little bit dead inside. Her greatest characteristic is that she doesn’t care what other people think about her. There’s this phenomenal scene with Wednesday when she’s dancing in the Rave’n dance, and she dances in the wackiest way imaginable, yet it’s weird in a good kind of way, and you can´t help but admire her for being herself. I really applaud her character development too. At the beginning of the show, she was very hateful and didn’t care about other people, but by the end of the show, she started making friends and caring about people. 

Enough about Wednesday, though. Let’s talk about the handsome and charming Tyler.  Obviously, Wednesday’s relationship with him was sweet, awkward, and wholesome. That is until she discovered that he was the serial-killer monster. Ever since Frozen, I learned not to trust any men who seem too perfect. He had always seemed very suspicious to me, so I wasn’t super shocked when he was the monster, but it was definitely a good twist. 

On the other hand, the dynamic between Wednesday and her werewolf roommate, Enid, is actually super sweet. Enid is super rainbows and unicorns, while Wednesday is all about torture and cynicism. The siren Bianca also had a great character development, and she always spiced things up whenever she made an appearance. My only criticism is that she didn’t have enough screen time. 

On another note, I think that both of Wednesday’s two potential love interests, the dreamy Tyler and the mysterious Xavier, are no-gos. Tyler was alright, until he turned out to be a creepy murderer. Xavier on the other hand, had zero chill to begin with.

Although the show is labeled as a horror comedy it’s not scary or gory in the slightest, but it is pretty funny. I always feel at ease because Wednesday is so fearless and cool. There are so many different mysteries that spiderweb together, and the way secrets are revealed is done seamlessly. Most importantly, the show continuously tells a complex and thrilling story. Still, I did find a major plot hole. Towards the beginning of the show, everyone warns Wednesday that her visions are unreliable and don’t reflect the truth, but every single one of her visions turn out to be the truth. Also, the whole thing with the ancestor, Goody Addams is so unnecessary. They didn’t need to make such a big deal out of her. She is literally just Wednesday, wearing a really low-quality blond wig.

All in all, this show deserves your attention and mine because the main character is a girl boss, the plot is gold-tier, and all of the other characters have so many layers and dimensions (like an onion). Even so, this show was a little bit corny at times, but that’s to be expected with a show made by Netflix.